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The Jewel by Amy Ewing - Book Presentation

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The Jewel

„You stole my body and my life and you expect me to be grateful?” […]” what life?” she says. “Would you rather be living in poverty? Starving and filthy in a hovel in the Marsh?” “Yes” I cry. “A thousand times over if I could be with my family again. […] I would do anything for that sort of freedom.”



Slavery and exploitation

    • Map of the Lone City
    • Situation of surrogates
    • Violet

      Violet’s childhood

      Violet’s time in the Holding Facility Southgate


  • Written by Amy Ewing
  • Published in 2014
  • First book of the series ‘‘The Lone City‘‘
  • Tells the story of the young woman Violet

  • Violet is in the Holding Facility Southgate for the last day
  • She has to meet her family before she will be brought to the Auction
  • Violet is sold to the Duchess of Lake
  • Violet meets her chambermind, which is mute
  • Violet visits the doctor of the House of Lake
  • Violet lives a life which is not her own
  • She has to navigate all the dangers of life on her own

Situation of surrogates

In real life

  • In lots of countries surrogacy is completely prohibited
  • Surrogacy arrangements have to bee agreed between the surrogate and the parents
  • Surrogates have legal rights in Europe to change their mind and keep the children

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  • Surrogacy is the carrying of a pregnancy for intended parents.
  • When another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for a couple


Violet‘s childhood

  • Lived in the March with her poor family
  • Violet had wonderful parents and a lucky childhood
  • Violet‘s father was killed when she was 11
  • When Violet was tested, the result was positive

Violet‘s time in the Holding Facility Southgate

  • Violet is trained to be a surrogate
  • She learns three „Auguries“
  • Achieving magical abilities causes a lot of pain
  • Violet can almost do what she wants, except leaving the facility or see her family

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