Terms & Conditions of Participation for buyers

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Terms of the platform document-online.com or swopdoc.com

§ 1 Application to entrepreneurs and Definitions (1) The following terms and conditions apply to all deliveries between data provider and a consumer at the time an order is placed.

(2) "consumer" in the meaning of these terms and conditions shall mean any natural person who enters into a transaction for a purpose that is neither commercial nor their independent vocational activity may be attributed.
(3) "Dealer" in the meaning of these terms and conditions is a natural person who has leased the platform document-online.com or swopdoc.com server space for data packets there (documents) to sell to consumers.
(4) The operator of the platform is neither providers nor consumers, it is only the hosting of data available and is given of a contract between providers and consumers on a pro rata commission.
(5) The data in these terms and conditions apply text documents that are subject to the copyright of the respective provider.

§ 2 Conclusion of a contract, the contract text storage (1) The following provisions apply to the contract for direct purchase via the platform or http://www.dokumente-online.com http://www.swopdoc.com

(2) If the contract is concluded, the contract between the consumer and the respective registered users and directly attributable to his account, which makes the data available. The buyer will be sent to the provider data anonymously and he can ask for the data provider on the platform personally.
(3) The presentation of data on this platform does not constitute a legally binding offer, but is only an offer to purchase to the consumer a certain amount of data. With the direct purchase and payment is completed the consumer into a binding contract with the provider.
(4) The operator of the platform gives the sales offer and the conclusion of the contract in an automated way. The provider will be sales made directly aware in their account.

The sale of the data involves the following steps:

1) Select the desired data in the preview page
2) Click the button "Download" 3) Select to purchase the amount of data with the click on Buy Now / optional Cancel the operation
4) The calculated amount of data is hereby placed in the basket of the provider
4) examination of the information by the consumer
4) Select a payment method from the consumption / optional Cancel the operation
5) determination of the personal data and payment via Drittunernehmen (eg Paypal) / optional, the consumer may cancel the procedure again.
6) The data of the consumer via the third-party (eg paypal.de) sent to us for billing purposes and processed electronically.
7) For immediate release of the purchased amount of data after payment confirmation from the third party.
8) The buyer will receive a download link and read down here on the document
9) The buyer will also receive an email with the data provider, invoice and download link
10) The contract is now complete and fully executed

The consumer can before the mandatory purchase of the goods arrive by pressing the information contained in the web browser used by him "back" button to control its information back to the website, and by closing the web browser the ordering process at any time. We confirm the purchase directly through an automatically generated e-mail ("Purchase Confirmation").

(5) Storage of contract text for orders over this platform: We will send you the sales contract and the buyer terms and conditions via e-mail. The terms and conditions at any time, see also under http://dokumente-online.com/teilnahmebedingungen.php. Your order data for security no longer accessible via the Internet.

§ 3 Prices, shipping, payment, maturity
(1) The prices indicated because of the small business regulation NO VAT and other price components. No shipping costs will be charged.

(2) The consumer has the option of paying with PayPal.

§ 4 Delivery
(1) The data is supplied directly after payment confirmation to the consumer. To this end, the customer receives a download window to our website and sent a download link via email.

************************************************** *************
§ 6 Right of Return
Return policy

In general there is no refund on digital goods.
The buyer will receive from us a satisfaction guarantee on the positive mediation between consumers and providers. In case of a legitimate objection or a defect in the amount of data provided to the purchaser is granted a prorated credit.
End of withdrawal

************************************************** *************
§ contract language 7
These Terms and Conditions are available and guilty only in German.

§ 8 The acquisition (purchase, exchange) the data of the user receives from the authors the right to use the content for their own work or for training. Distribution, public accessibility, reproduction of the document, or parts thereof, and other copyright violations are prohibited.

§ 9 documents online is not responsible for the operation of data networks, servers and data lines at its data center, as well as for the continuous availability of services.

§ 10 documents online is not responsible for the data provided and their contents, and parts thereof in violation of the statutory provisions, in particular those of copyright, or rights of others.

§ 11 The user can purchase and download the documents offered under-online.com documents to the reported purchase price.

§ 12 The contract is concluded between the user and the respective author of the documents offered. Documents Online understood solely as an agent of the sale contract between author and user and is willing to do so, the technical possibilities.

§ 13 Documents Online undertakes not offered for sale independently and autonomously composed data contents of the respective authors to examine content as well as copyright infringement. It does not validate the completeness, accuracy, quality, usability, and accuracy of the data is performed.

§ 14 The purchase of the data is final, but documents online strives to ensure customer satisfaction and ready in complete dissatisfaction is a partial to full refund of the purchase price to be paid back.

§ 15 Where the user provided data for illegal documents online will be notified immediately. Documents online will erase the data permanently, and it is forbidden to use this data to the author to continue to offer for purchase or exchange. The author of the document will be informed of the legal consequences and has to answer for this purpose. Documents Online disclaims any liability.

§ 16 The use of the services of this platform is lawyers / legal assistants / employees of law firms and those related occupations prohibited or persons authorized by the way completely! If for any reason we know about it, that they have visited our website, we will pursue legal action against them. The website may only be used by individuals for private purposes.

Conditions prior Aug.2012

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