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Presentation Skater

Now I want to talk about skateboarding. Here is my structure 1st in general, 2nd history, 3rd culture, 4th my own video and 5th sources. Now I go on to my first point in general.

1st In general: Skateboarding is an action sport which is mostly done by teenagers. You can ride the skateboard and perform tricks on it. There is one thing which every skater hates the posser. The posser is someone who dresses like a skater and he also says that he is the best skater, but he can’t skate.

Skateboarding will be represented at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Here I have a skateboard. There are 14 different skateboard sizes, they indicate the width. It consists of a deck, a griptape, two trucks, 4 wheels and bearings. The griptape is patched on the deck.

A good deck is made of maple wood and a cheap one consists of birch wood. The disadvantage of birch wood is, that it breaks faster. The bearings are located in the wheels. Now I continue to my second point.

2nd History: Skateboarding was born sometime in the last 1940s. Surfers in California wanted something to do when the waves were flat. Something to surf the asphalt. No one knows who made the first board. It means that several people came up with similar ideas at around the same time.

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3rd Culture: A skateboard culture developed. To this culture belong a special kind of fashion, here you can see same brands (for example Vans, Carharrt and so on) and how they dress. Also there is a relation to art for example graffiti and photography and also music for example Hip-Hop and Punk.

Skateboarding video games have also become very popular in the skateboarding culture for example Tony Hawk, he is also a famous skateboarder. Danny Way and Jamie Thomas are also famous skateboarder. Before I show you the video here are skateboarding Magazines. Here you can See Thrasher, Parallel and Solo.

Now I come to my 4th point.

4th My own video: Here you can see the skating park of Meerane which is made of 6 elements. This is the best place for skater in Meerane but it isn’t really good there, because the skatepark is very small. Here you can see Asti which is performing 2 tricks. The tricks are called ollie and pop shove it.

This was my presentation are there any questions.

Here are my sources.

Thanks for listening.

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