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The year 1956 initialized another conflict. Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal. In the following Iran attacked the country. France and Britain wanted to intervene, but had to withdraw because of U.S.-pressure. (BBC News, 1950-2005). Fossil fuels became scarce in Europe. In the 1960 oil-exporting countries teamed up against the dictate of multinational bus®ses. They formed the OPEC to gain more influence and right to say (OPEC, 2011). Also in Italy the head of the state company E.N.I sought to make Italy independent from the powerful busses- the seven sisters, a term that he created. He started signing contracts with countries like Persia, Egypt and the Soviet Union. But in the year 1962 he got killed in an airplane crash. Years later it was revealed that the crash was caused by a bomb. After that the ENI became a partner of the 7 sisters again. (The Financial Times, 2007; Firrao, Ubertalli, 2009: 1-29). In June 1967 Israel attacks Egypt supported by the West. It is the beginning of the Six-Day War. Arabic countries impose an oil-embargo on every state that supports Israel. This triggers a worldwide economic crisis. (Cleveland, C., 2009: 190). Simultaneously a civil war took place in Nigeria. Eastern parts of the country wanted a higher share of the earnings from the oil. They declared an independent state called Biafra, but after three years the revolution was crushed. (Frynas, 2000: 30). Six years later in 1973 Gaddafi
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