Mündliche Prüfung über Berlin

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Berlin is the capital of and one of the 16 regions of Germany. It’s in the east and 829 squarekilometers large. Berlin has 12 districts, for example Spandau, Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg… 3, 4 million people live in the city. The mayor is Michael Müller, the chancellor Angela Merkel and the federal president Joachim Gauck.

Albrecht Den Bären founded Berlin in 1237. His surname is the reason the coat of arms has a bear on it. It’s white with a red streak below and above. In the centre you can see a black bear standing and screaming. Now I will tell you something about the history: During the Second World War, Berlin as the capital was a very important place for Hitler and his supporter.

After the war, half of all buildings in Berlin were destroyed. Between 1961 and 1990, Belin and all of Germany was divided in east and west by a big wall. After the reunification on October 03th, 1990, both states were together again and Berlin was appointed as the seat of the German government.

Since 1994, the caste Bellevue is the main seat of the federal president. The gate of Brandenburg, which was built between 1788 and 1791 is the landmark and the symbol of the division of Berlin. Another famous place is the Kurfüstendamm. It’s a very popular shopping promenade with numerous hotels, restaurants and shops.

The KaDeWe (shopping centre of the west) is the biggest shopping centre of Europe. The tallest building of Germany is the TV tower with 368 meters. In the district Charlottenburg you can visit the Olympic stadium with 74.649 seats in which the football world cup held in 2006. The most famous football team of Berlin is the Herta BSC.

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A couple of them are the international film festivals, the Berlinale, the Christopher street day, a festival for gay, lesbian, bisexual and other people. The Berlin Fashion week is another highlight for Berlin when people all over the world come to see the latest fashion.

You can visit more than 100 museums in Berlin. I think the most interesting ones are the Natural History Museum with over 30 million items and the tallest dinosaur skeleton in the world, the German History Museum which shows the history of Germany of 2000 years, the museum at the Checkpoint Charlie in which you can see many moments of the history of the division and finally the German Technology Museum, where are exposed many exhibit and experiments of technology on an area of 2.500 squaremeteres.

Berlin is count as a very green city, because it has many big parks, so about 18% of the city is forested and has with about 29.000 hectare the biggest city forest area of Germany. The biggest forest of Berlin is the animal garden. He ranges from the Bahnhof zoo to the gate of Brandenburg.

Since 2014, the school time is reduced from 13 to 12 years. 2012, 160.000 students studied at 31 universities. The largest one is the free university of Berlin with 44.000 students and 70 subjects per year. Finally, I decided to make my oral exam about Berlin because I visited the city a few times and I know much about it.

I think Berlin is a pretty city with a very interesting history.

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