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List of Text Analysis: English Language

Text Analysis435 Words / ~ pages BBS des Landkreises Oldenburg, Wildeshausen Peter Härtling: Nein! (1992) Sachtextanaly­se Peter Härtling hielt auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse im Jahre 1992 seine Rede namens Nein!, welche sich mit dem Asylrecht in Deutschland beschäftigt, und entstand, wegen der damalig herrschenden Flüchtlingsst­röm­e, die sich in Richtung Deutschland bewegten. Peter Härtling geht in der Rede hauptsächlich über die damalige Situation in Jugoslawien ein, auf auf die Rechte der Asylsuchenden und auf die Anschläge auf eben Diese. Außerdem stellt er deutlich seinen Standpunkt gegenüber der Aufhebung des Asylrechts dar: Er ist aus ganzem Herzen dagegen, was man auch an der Strukturierun­g der Rede sehen kann. Sie lässt sich vom von der sprachlichen Seite aus, in drei Teile teilen: Einleitung (bis Zeile 7), Hauptteil (Zeile 8-116) und den Schluss (Zeile 117-122). Dabei erläutert…[show more]
Text Analysis617 Words / ~1 page Gesamtschule Olfen E GK2 Notes from the Midnight Driver Characterisat­ion of Alex In the novel “Notes from the Midnight Driver” written by Jordan Sonnenblick Alex Gregory is presented as the protagonist and his character traits change in the novel. At the beginning of the novel Alex appears to be very mature because he sits next to an old man’s bed who is seriously ill and seems to dies soon: “I know that sometime soon, the boops will become one long beep, the mountains will crumble into a flat line, and I will be finished with my work here. I will be free (p.5, ll.6-9).” On the one hand he is very sensitive because his parents have separated. This becomes obvious because he cannot cope with the situation and starts drinking. On the other hand Alex is really irresponsible because he “grabs Mom’s spare car keys, jumps into the Dodge, and fires that sucker up (p.…[show more]
Text Analysis548 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Bochum The wrongs, the rights, of genetic screening for children - Tom Chivers Summary and Analysis The newspaper articles, headed “The wrongs, and rights of genetic screening for children” written by Tom Chivers and publicized August 16th 2012, concerns itself with risks and chances of genetic screening. At the outset the author sets a quote of a professor of ethics at Oxford in which he states that parents are ethically obliged to genetic examination. Examinations shouldn’t be performed in interest of eugenics, but out of free will. Furthermore, he complaints about the public outrage. In his sight it’s meaningless to bewail that someone lives by chance and usually would not be living, if he wasnt chosen as the donor embryo. Not least because we’re all a result of chance. According to Chivers, genetic screening is vitally important…[show more]
Text Analysis937 Words / ~ pages Max-Beckmann-Schule, Frankfurt Speech analysis „the way forward “ In the year 1895 at the Atlanta Exposition the African-Ameri­can teacher and reformer, Booker T. Washington discusses his vision of the future in front of a mixed raced audience asking how the black-white relations will be affected by the end of slavery. His purpose is to create sympathy between the two races but especially to persuade the white people to encourage and promote education for black people. From his point of view, it is more important for the black people to have education and be hard-working than equal rights. He also wants to prevent black people from immigrating into the north, he wants them to stay in the south, which has become dependent on the black people, especially for its industrial and economic wealth. Booker T. Washington opens his speech with a story from the novel “Moby…[show more]
Text Analysis1.095 Words / ~ pages Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main A student ’s guide to the comment Don ’t panic! 10 steps to your comment special vocabulary  The task You get a question asking for your opinion on a topic. “Who of the two people in the text is a fanatic?” You get a statement on a topic and the prompt Discuss! Example: “Parvez and Ali accuse each other of being a fanatic. Discuss!” task  Your opinion Think about it and form your own opinion on the question or the general topic. Try to phrase it as shortly but clearly as possible. Ali is a fanatic, but Parvez is not. Write your opinion down on one page of your notepad or one card. Put this paper or card where you can see it throughout your work. This will help you remember what you have to write about. Hopefully then you will not do extra work writing about things that are not relevant. From now on we will not talk about your “opinion” anymore but about…[show more]

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