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List of Reflections: English Language

Reflection718 Words / ~2 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages EPOSTL A reflection tool for language teacher education EPOSTL descriptors – Examples – Reflection of selected descriptors Conducting a lesson: C: Interaction with learners. Descriptor 2: I can keep and maximize the attention of learners during a lesson: Keeping students attention and stopping them from getting distracted is a big challenge. There are several reasons why students’ attention may decline but there are as many ways to keep your students on track. Anticipation is the best form of teacher defence, so, for instance, to keep scanning the room, making eye contact with all students helps keeping the attention of every single student. I believe that teachers shouldnt just concentrate on the best in class but talk to every student the same way- which is a good method…[show more]
Reflection806 Words / ~ pages BORG 12 Hegelgasse Wien 2014 GCMIC Student Partnership Exchange Program (SPEP) Austria October 2014 Program Evaluation Please type your answers on these pages under each question/topi­c. When finished, save as a PDF, and e-mail your evaluation to and So that we can continue to improve the SPEP- Austria experience for future participants, please complete this evaluation. Your feedback is extremely valuable as we assess the program and plan for the next group. We appreciate honest, thoughtful responses. Part 1 General Arrival and Sunday Welcome A. What helped you most in preparing for your American experience? B. What would you have liked to have known before you arrived that would have made you feel better prepared? A+B: C. Please comment about the Welcome Event on Sunday, October 6. Did you find the entire afternoon, from presentations­, to picnic,…[show more]
Reflection1.709 Words / ~6 pages Universität Freiburg Die Simpsons: Dokumentierte Unterrichtsei­nheit­, Überlegungen zum Film im Englischunter­richt Only a quarter of Americans can name more than two of the fundamental freedoms granted by the First Amendment, yet more than half can name at least two members of the Simpsons family.“1 Dieses Zitat zeigt deutlich, welche Bedeutung und Popularität die Serie The Simpsons in den USA hat. Zudem wurde Homer Simpson 2003 in einer Umfrage der BBC mit großem Abstand zum greatest American of all times gewählt und schaffte es somit weit vor Abraham Lincoln und Martin Luther King.2 Doch nicht nur in den USA und anderen anglophonen Ländern ist die Anhängerschaf­t der Serie groß; auch hier in Deutschland erfreut sich die am längsten laufende amerikanische Sitcom größter Beliebtheit. Mittlerweile wurden 557 Folgen in 26 Staffeln produziert…[show more]

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