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List of Presentations: English Language - Page 2
Presentation FES Lahr
The Beatles – Text English Good morning, my name is J. K. . Today, I want to give a presentation about the band The Beatles”. 1st I talk about the band: general information and band members. 2nd I continue about the history: the beginning, the breakthrough and the time after their breaking-up 3rd I
Presentation Christian-Wirth-Schule Usingen
I am delighted tell you about some facts about Princess Diana and her life My talk is divided into.8. parts. Firstly I will.introduce you to the Princess, if you don’t already know her. then we will look at.a small biography of hers. next.her accomplishments. afterwards.I will talk about her engagement,
Presentation Humboldt-Gymnasium Karlsruhe
I welcome you to my report about drugs. First of all, I would like to explain what drugs are. I’m sure that some of you will be amazed. Drugs are divided into two groups: legal drugs and illegal drugs To the group of legal drugs belong nicotine, alcohol and caffeine.Yes, you heard right, caffeine that
Presentation FOS Bamberg
Bollywood is the name for a film production in India, who is main settled in Bombay, the today-called Mumbai. Bollywood is the largest film production worldwide and about 900 films are done every year. Unfortunately 90% of them are flops. 2,5 billion tickets are sold yearly, so 23 million every day.
Presentation Tännichtschule, Meerane
Presentation Skater Now I want to talk about skateboarding. Here is my structure 1st in general, 2nd history, 3rd culture, 4th my own video and 5th sources. Now I go on to my first point in general. 1st In general: Skateboarding is an action sport which is mostly done by teenagers. You can ride the skateboard
Presentation Freiburg im Breisgau
Rise of populist parties in Europe and the USA What is populism and what are populist parties? Popu­lism is a way of policy that says that the common people are exploited by a small elite. The political ideology can be right, left or middle. Even if today the term populism is mostly
Presentation BG und BRG 10. Ettenreichgasse Wien
Review Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri Hey guys! Today I want to talk about the film Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri and share with you my point of view. The film Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri was released in 2017 an is among the nominess for the 2018 Oscars. It was the
Presentation Gymnasium Berlin
Equality and freedom Today I am here to talk to you about equality and freedom in the United States of America. My presentation is divided into 3 parts. I’ll start with the definitions of equality and freedom in general. Next I’ll going to talk about the theory and reality in American history. And
Presentation Gymnasium Köln
LONDINIUM The London of today has its origins as the biggest city ancient city on the British islands and the capital of the roman province Britain. The Roman established Londinium 43 AD. Because of the 43 built fortresses on the north side of the Thames, which gave a well defended connection to the sea
Presentation Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Gifhorm
PRESENTATION ENGLISH Introduction: History (by ) Floor covering and injuries (by ) Adhesive material (by ) News (oder so mir fällt nix besseres ein .) (by ) History Max Heiser, a coach of female gymnasts, had the idea of a new bodiless game in winter 1915/16. He invited young female gymnasts and workers
Presentation Bergisch Gladbach
The Globe Theater The Golden Playhouse, or better known as the Golden Globe Theater was the theater used by Shakespeare. From a top-down perspective it resembled a circle. In the circle it had a yard and no roof, mostly because it was impossible in that time to lighten up a room without natural light. On
Presentation HAK Völkermarkt
Dear professor, dear classmates, today I want to tell you something about Tesla. Tesla is an American company that specializes in electric automotives, energy storage and solar panel manufacturing. Firstly I want to tell you something about the history and the visions from Tesla. Then I want to talk

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