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List of Presentations: English Language

Presentation924 Words / ~ pages Universität Freiburg Bill Gates - founder of Microsoft The topic of my presentation today is Bill Gates, the famous founder of Microsoft. First I will tell you who is Bill Gates and how his childhood has gone, then I will present his company Microsoft and some products of them. At the end I say something about his personal life and the foundation of him. Who is Bill Gates? Bill Gates is investor, programmer and chairman of Microsoft, the biggest software company in the world. At the moment he is with a property of more than $72 billion the richest man on earth. His Childhood Bill Gates was born on the 28th on October 1955 in Seattle. His father was a well-known lawyer and his mother was a teacher. Bill was a normal kid, just like any other. He visited the private Lakeside School in Seattle and played with other children. He had no problems at school and wrote very good…[show more]
Presentation585 Words / ~ pages Realschule Iffezheim Presentation FC Bayern München My topic is the football club Bayern München. It’s a german sports club based in Munich, Bavaria. The club is best known for it’s professionell footballteam playing in the top division of german football called the Bundesliga. The footballteam is the most succesful in the Germans football history. Some historical details: -FC Bayern Munich was founded on the 27th February 1900 in a Munich restaurant by eleven footballplaye­rs from the (MTV) Munich. In the first years the new established Club was succesful, 1901 they reached the semi finals of the south German Championsship­s. The next succesful pirriot of Bayern Munich was in the early 1930ths. They gained the first national title in 1932 by defenting Eintracht Frankfurt 2:0 in the final. After world war 2 the football clubs first title was the DFB…[show more]
Presentation746 Words / ~2 pages Ludwig Erhard Schule Mosbach Coca Cola Hello everybody, today I want to tell you something about Coca Cola.My presentation is structured into the following 5 parts History Marketing States with and without coca cola Design Sorts First I will tell you something about the history. Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink and it is produced by the Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia. The logo is known worldwide. The story began in 1886 when the pharmacist and doctor John Pemberton (picture) produced a medicine for headaches and tiredness in Atlanta, which was the recipe for Coke. Shortly before the death of the inventor the pharmacist Asa Candler bought for 2300 dollars the rights to Coca-Cola. In 1892 he founded the Coca-Cola Company. A year later, Chandler made Coca-Cola brand name and brought the product to the US market and since 1896 to the neighboring countries.…[show more]
Presentation762 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Berlin Berlin is the capital city and a state of Germany. It is the countrys largest city in area and population. Berlin is located in eastern Germany, about 110 kilometers west of Poland. The city center lies along the river Spree. In Spandau, Berlins westernmost borough, the Spree meets the river Havel, which flows from north to south through western Berlin. The course of the Havel is more like a chain of lakes, the largest being the Tegeler See and Großer Wannsee. A series of lakes also feeds into the upper Spree, which flows through the Großer Müggelsee in eastern Berlin. Berlin is one of the most important centers in European politics, culture and science. The city is home to some of the worlds most prominent universities, research faculties, and museums. History Berlin is first documented in the 13th century; Berlin became the…[show more]
Presentation492 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Köln Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Hillary was born on 10.26.1947 as Hillary Diane Rodham. She is daughter of the owner of the Textile printing Rodrik Fabrics and grew up on with her two brothers in Park Ridge, Illinois. Her mother was a Democrat, and her father was a Republican. Education resume The Wellesley College The Wellesley College is a private university for women in Wellesley. She studied there from 1965-1969 Political Science with a minor in psychology. Hillary Clinton wrote in her last year a 92-page Bachelor thesis There is only the fight . about the American civil rights activist Saul Alinsky David. She got 1969 in political science the Bachelor of Art with an award. The Yale Law School She studied in the Yale Law School in New Haven from 1969-1973 law. She met 1971 for the first time on her future husband Bill Clinton who also…[show more]
Presentation792 Words / ~2 pages Alfred-Krupp-Gymnasium Essen Referat: Los Angeles Englisch mit Deutscher Übersetzung I want to tell you something about Los Angeles now. The City of Los Angeles also known as L.A. is the second-larges­t city in the United States in terms of population, but it also is one of the worlds most important economic, cultural, and entertainment centers. The city is one of the biggest entry points for immigrants to the United States, making it one of the most culturally diverse places in the world. People are attracted to the city for its warm weather, its lifestyle, its unique energy. Geography And now I will tell you something about the geography. It is located on the west coast of the United States. The city has a total area of 1,290.6 km²(onethousa­nd two hundredninety point six square kilometers). There is also the Los Angeles River flowing through the city. The Los Angeles…[show more]
Presentation731 Words / ~2 pages Carlo-Schmid-Gymnasium Tübingen 2011 © by, Hello, Mrs. Möller and Mrs. Voss Apollo 11 was the eleventh mission that was successfully sent to the moon. The Apollo 11 space flight was sent to the moon with the Saturn V rocket. The mission was carried out by the United States of America. With this mission the world has seen the victory for the U.S.A. in the cold war Space Race against Soviet Union. This Mission was launched from Florida on July 16th 1969 that was the mission of NASA. In this mission were Commander Neil Alden Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin Eugene. On July 20th, they landed on the Moon and on July 21st the first humans to walked on the moon. The three astronauts returned to Earth and landed in the Pacific Ocean on July 24. Apollo 11 fulfilled President John F. Kennedy’s goal to reach the moon. Start and landing On 16 July…[show more]
Presentation645 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Plochingen THE FBI o Quick Facts. 1 o But what exactly is the FBI?. 1 o The mission of the FBI is. 2 o The History. 2 o FBI SWAT. 3 o Qualification­s for a special agent 3 o The training of a special agent 3 Today I want to tell you something about the FBI. First I’m going to tell you just some quick facts. o Quick Facts · FBI stands for federal bureau of investigation­. · It is a field oriented organization with fifty six field offices in the United States. · The agency headquarter is the J Edgar hoover building, located in Washington DC. · -the FBI works literally around the globe. o But what exactly is the FBI? · The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the most important arm of the United States Department of Justice. · The FBI is also authorized to provide other law organizations with cooperative services, such as · Fingerprint identificatio­n, laboratory examinations…[show more]
Presentation841 Words / ~6 pages Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin - HWR Skateboarding Structure 1. Skateboarding as a lifestyle 2. The Skateboard 3. History of Skateboarding 4. Rodney Mullen 5. Types of Skateboarding 6. Professional Skateboarding and Streetleague Skateboarding Skateboarding as a Lifestyle For many skaters Skateboarding isnt just a hobby, its a lifesyle. They wear skate shoes, skate clothes, they are listening to skate music and they spend all their freetime at the Skatepark. For them Skateboarding isnt just doing tricks at the park, the skateboard is their thing which they always carry around that they can do tricks everywhere and anytime. If you are on a skateboard, you feel free and if you are doing tricks, it is the best feeling you can have. If you are jumping down somewhere, for example stairs, it will be like falling down hundreds of meters and landing softly. But Skateboarding­…[show more]
Presentation393 Words / ~ pages Realschule Emmendingen Hello, and welcome to my presentation about the music scene. Firstly, I will talk about kwaito. Then I’ll talk about the Sowetow Gospel quajer. Next I will inform you about Miriam Makeba. And lastly, I’ll talk about the Freshlyground­. Kwaito New kind of music that started in the 1900s in Johannesburg. It is Different languages in kwaito music: Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Englisch and more. Kwaito just like American Hip Hop. It was started by young people. Kwaito Start before Nelson Mandela. It was difficult for Black musicans to be successful at the time.After Mandela was president , Kwaito music was very popular .many young people started buying Kwaito music CDs. At 1995 came one of the first kwaito hits. It was called Kaffir. In the song sang Mafokte I DON’T COME FROM THE DEVIL, DON’T CALL ME KAFFIR, YOU WONT LIKE IT IF I CALL YOU BABOON.…[show more]
Presentation656 Words / ~2 pages KGS Rastede Waste in the Ocean Why the Ocean is so important for us. Oceans cover 71% of our planet’s surface and make up 95% of all the space available to live. The rolling waves, glassy stillness, or frosty ice we see on the ocean’s surface hide an amazing variety of underwater worlds. There´s a rich biodiversity in our Oceans. Life began in the oceans, and continues to thrive (gedeihen) in its diverse habitats. With as many as 100 million species. And new species are being discovered all the time. The oceans also have a huge influence on us. They produce 70% of our oxygen, absorb heat and dominate the worlds weather systems. The oceans have also shaped human history, culture, and lives - and continue to do so. We lay on their beaches, swim in their waves, dive in the oceans to see wonderful secret places, send our goods /Güter) and raw materials across…[show more]
Presentation1.087 Words / ~ pages BHAK Bruck/Mur The Netherlands (Good morning,) Welcome to my presentation about the Netherlands! Let me give you a short overview about what I talk today: I start with some facts and figures and then I explain where the Netherlands are located and something about their provinces. Then you’ll be introduced into the means of transport and kinds of accommodation­. I end with some festivals end events and give you some useful tips about Dutch drug policy. If you have still any questions then, don’t hesitate to ask afterwards. facts and figures The capital and largest city of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, but the seat of government is The Hague. The official language is Dutch and head of state is Queen Beatrix. They are about 41 thousand square kilometres large and have about 17 million inhabitants. The official currency is the Euro. The Netherlands…[show more]
Presentation598 Words / ~ pages Realschule Ulm GERMANY NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM The Germany national football team ( Die deutsche Fußballnation­alma­nnsch­aft) is the football team that has represented Germany in international competition since 1908.It is governed by the German Football Association (Deutscher Fußball-Bund)­, founded in 1900. From 1950 to 1990, it was essentially the team of West Germany as the DFB is based in Frankfurt, located in the former West Germany. During the period of World War II, two other separate national teams were also recognized by FIFA: the Saarland team (1950–1956) and the East German team (1952–1990). Germany is historically one of the three most successful national teams in international competitions, having won a total of three World Cups (1954, 1974, 1990) and three European Championships (1972, 1980, 1996). They have also been…[show more]
Presentation1.216 Words / ~ pages Fanny-Leicht Gymnasium Stuttgart Immigration to the USA in the 20th Century Ellis Island Inhaltsverzei­chnis Prehistory of the USA: Immigration in the 20th century: Ellis Island: Immigration Today: Prehistory of the USA: At first I want to tell you something about the prehistory of the USA. Since there is the USA, they were a country of immigration. The only native Americans are the Indians who now mostly live in reservations. The rest of the population of America consists of immigrants, foreigners who came here for having a better life or for an other reason. Immigration to the USA started in 1620. Then the first settlers, the pilgrim fathers, came from England to todays Massachusetts with the Mayflower. That was the beginning of the immigration to the US which continues today. Immigration in the 20th century: In the end of the 19th and the 20th century people from…[show more]
Presentation589 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Dresden ENGLISH Today I would like to inform you about the statue of liberty The Statue of Liberty stands in the USA, close to Ellis Island, and was built more than 125 years ago. If you like to see the statue of Liberty, you have to travel into the USA Moreover, in 1984 it was appointed the UNESCO world cultural heritage and till 1956 it was the highest statue of the world. The Statue of Liberty was initiated on the 18th of October, 1886, it is finished a present by the French people to the USA and by the sculptor Frédéric-Augu­ste Bartholdi. Frédéric-Augu­ste Bartholdi is born on the 2nd August, 1834 in Colmar and died on the 4th of October, 1904 in Paris. His father was a lawyer. His family came originally from Italy, however, later they went about Thurgau and South Germany into Alsace one. His most famous work, as a sculptor, is the Statue of Liberty…[show more]
Presentation1.024 Words / ~ pages Albert Einstein Gymnasium Bonn Florida: History - Geography - Politics Florida Florida was not allways the beach and senjores paradise under plmtrees as known today. In anient times Florida was a mix of Dshungle and swamp and partly is still today. History Before Florida was discovered native people live ther. Florida was dicovered in 1513 by the spanish discoverer Juan Ponce de Leon. The motivation of this trip was clear they want gold. The dicoverer hoped to find as much gold as others found in the new world but nothing was found. Because Florida was discovered around easter, it got its name: Easter in spanish is named Pascua Florida. Following the discovery there was a big conflict between the two colonial powers Spain and France concerning this aerea. The conflict was finished when the USA claimed Florida in the year 1819. in the 19th century the most important…[show more]
Presentation1.569 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Überlingen Structure Detroit today Actual situation GooBing Streetview How could this happen? History Financial development and sources of income from 2004 to 2013 Whats about the rescue plan? The rescue plan Facts Is Detroit dead? Yes or no? And why? Sources/Bibli­ograp­hy Detroit today Detroit is known as the most dangerous city of the USA On average, there are 2.137 violent crimes and 344 murders per year People, who were able to, left the dangerous quarters or went to the near towns The housing prices decreased Many incendiarys The number of policeman decrease every year Most of the policeman are positioned at the city centre, some people are helping them without getting money Crime-rate lowered about 38% at the downtown The violence dominates in many areas of Detroit Anyway, the city center is very popular because it became more…[show more]
Presentation1.443 Words / ~7 pages Gymnasium Ravensburg The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn Index of contents Introduction.­.....­....­.............­... Anne Boleyn.......­.....­....­.............­3 Childhood and Adolescence..­.....­....­...........3 Comeback to the English Court........­.....­....­...3 Look.........­.....­....­............ 3 Henry VIII.........­.....­....­........... 4 Henry and Mary.........­.....­....­........4 Henry and Anne.........­.....­....­........4 Anne’s marriage with Henry........­.....­....­... ..5 Children.....­.....­....­.............­..5 Anne’s fall.........­.....­....­........... 6 Anne’s death .............­.....­....­...... 6 Lists of References...­.....­....­.............­..7 Final remark.......­.....­....­.............­8 Anne Boleyn Childhood and Adolescence…[show more]
Presentation603 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Augsburg The Buckingham Palace The Buckingham Palace is the London residence and the workplace of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. It is also used for states visits. It was built in 1703 in a part of London called Westminster. A lot of tourists are coming to the city to watch the palace every day. Queen Elisabeth II. and prince Philip live there today. The whole property is 20 hectare and the house is 160.000 m² big. Since 1828 there exists a lake in the garden which is filled with water from the Hyde Park. The Palace is 108 m wide and 120 m long, its also 24 m high. All together it costs 1, 2 billion euros today. history : The Earl of Norwich George Goring has built a house were now is the centre of the Palace. It was called Goring House. In 1703 the Duke of Buckingham and Normandy John Sheffield has built a big town house. Than in 1761 his successor…[show more]
Presentation1.680 Words / ~11 pages Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium Sandhausen Schriftliche Ausarbeitung zum Thema “Riots in England 2011” Case history Death of Mark Duggan Mark Duggan was 29 years old and father of four kids when he died on the 4th of August 2011. He was shot by the Police when they attempted to arrest him. Even though TV and newspaper were talking about Duggan shooting at the police there is still no evidence to proove it. An eyewitness said that Duggan was shot while he was pinned to the floor by police. Another one said that a police officer had shouted to the man to stop a couple of times, but he had not heeded the warning. Protest On the 6th of August about 120 people from all over Tottenham marched to the Tottenham Police Station and asked for information about Duggans death. At about 8:00pm local time a 16-year old girl was attacked by the Police. Its not quite sure yet whether this was the flash point…[show more]
Presentation829 Words / ~2 pages Gymnasium Köln Die Fremdwortdisk­ussio­n und die Sprachpflege sind keine Erscheinungen des 20. Jahrhunderts, sondern lassen sich zurückverfolg­en über die frühen Lexika und die Fruchtbringen­den Gesellschafte­n des Barock bis hin zu Luther. Einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Diskussion in Deutschland leistete der Verein Deutsche Sprache. Mit seinem Slogan „Kein Fremdwort für das, was gut deutsch gesagt werden kann!“ kämpfte er gegen die Verwendung von Fremdwörtern in der deutschen Sprache. Die sprachpflegen­den Vereinigungen betonen, dass sie sich nur gegen „überflüssige Anglizismen“ wenden. Häufig haben die Sprachvereine­, auch aus der Situation heraus, dass sie keine sprachwissens­chaft­lich­en Vereinigungen­, sondern Bürgerinitiat­iven sind, gar keine Definitionen für sich festgelegt. Die Diskussion ist durch unterschiedli­che…[show more]
Presentation1.559 Words / ~8 pages Gymnasium Schloss Plön Portfolio/Pro­tocol English Lesson about Ireland Topic: Girls Sports in Ireland Our thoughts and expectations When we heard that we want to do a project in English about a different country (Ireland), we were very happy. We thought it is cool to do some other work. Not only sitting in class, teacher stand to the front, students sitting on the chairs and listen or write exams or so. So we were happy to do something else. We dont know so much about Ireland only some prejudices. For example the Irish people think that gnomes exist or they think that on the end from a rainbow is a kettle with gold. So we knew that we will learn a lot about a special theme in Ireland. Therefor we were very curious and eager. Activites and researches 28.04.2013 In Ireland people use to play a lot of sports that are sometimes quite different from German sports. The most…[show more]
Presentation1.649 Words / ~8 pages Scheffel-Gymnasium Lahr GFS Class 10D Zero Tolerance in Schools In order to properly present the chosen topic Zero Tolerance, a term that has grown to become important in international educational policy during the last century, I have formulated the following structure. Definitions of Zero Tolerance The History of Zero Tolerance Benefits and disadvantages of Zero Tolerance Opinions on Zero Tolerance Examples for Zero Tolerance Vocabulary/ Glossary Sources 1. Definitions of Zero Tolerance The term of Zero Tolerance can be applied to both educational policy and law enforcement. The definitions given describe different forms of the usage of Zero Tolerance. “A zero-toleranc­e policy in schools is a policy of punishing any infraction of a rule, regardless of accidental mistakes, ignorance, or extenuating circumstances­. In schools, common zero-toleranc­e…[show more]
Presentation4.616 Words / ~19 pages Akademisches Gymnasium Linz Von: Salzburg, am 20.12.2013 Table of contents 1. What is “The Simpsons”? 3 2. Matt Groening 3 3. The Simpsons family 4 3.1 Homer Jay Simpson 4 3.2 Marjorie Simpson 5 3.3 Bart Simpson 6 3.4 Lisa Simpson 6 3.5 Maggie Simpson 7 3.6 Grampa Simpson 7 3.7 The Simpson’s pets 8 3.7.1 Santas Little Helper 8 2.7.2 Snowball Series 8 4. Springfield 9 5. About the episodes 12 5.1 The development of an episode/facts 12 5.2 Treehouse of Horror 13 6. Characteristi­cs 14 Social criticism in the comic series 16 8. Little known facts 18 1. What is “The Simpsons”? “The Simpsons” is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. It is a satirical parody of the middle class American lifestyle embodied by its titular family consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson. The show is set in the fictional town “Springfield“­.…[show more]
Presentation569 Words / ~2 pages Hamburger Fern-Hochschule - HFH Dance and Theatre schools in Australia Dorothy Cowie Dance School The Dorothy Cowie Dance Schools mission is to promote the joy of dance. The celebration of this pleasure is for students of all ages to participate in a friendly, safe and supportive setting.Their teachers are trained and committed to teach students all aspects of dance while promoting confidence, strengthen their ability to promote individual personal performance and focus on their joy and love for the performing arts. Die Dorothy Cowie Tanzschule Mission ist es, die Freude an Tanz zu fördern. Die Feier dieses Vergnügen ist für Schüler aller Altersklassen­, um in einer freundlichen, sicheren und unterstützend­en Umgebung teilnehmen. Ihre Lehrer sind geschult und verpflichtet, den Schülern beizubringen alle Aspekte des Tanzes und gleichzeitig fördern…[show more]
Presentation1.447 Words / ~ pages Universität Paderborn Cloud Computing – a useful invention or a danger concerning our security? As you can see from the title, my presentation is about Cloud Computing. Firstly, I will explain you what cloud computing means and I will talk about the different levels of transparency. Then I will move to the different services models before outlining the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Computing. Definition: It is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet Cloud Computing is a way to increase capacity or add capacities without investing in new infrastructur­es or buying new software If you have an e-mail account with a web-based e-mail service, then you have some experience with cloud computing, because emails are saved on the service’s computer cloud and not on your computer The name comes from the…[show more]
Presentation737 Words / ~ pages IFB Kempten Australia and how to immigrate ( former PP-Presentati­on) Structure1.AU­STRAL­IA1.­1 General Facts1.2 History1.3 Sights2.Immig­ratio­n2.1 VISA2.2 Points System GENERAL FACTS Location: Indian Ocean Area: 7.7 million square kilometer Population: ca. 22 million (Aborigine: ca. 460,000) Capital City: Canberra Largest City: Sydney Divided in six states (Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania) Divided in two territories (Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory) Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II. (represented by Quentin Bryce) Head of Government: Prime Minister Julia Gillard Official Language: English Currency: Australian Dollar HISTORY 1616: The Dutchman Dirk Hartog discovered the west coast of Australia 1770: The Briton James Cook sailed along…[show more]
Presentation449 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Ort Presentation Great Inventions Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to my presentation on the topic „Great inventions which changed the world“. The following inventions I would like to mention here are milestones along the way between yesterday and today. To begin with I would like to give you a definition of the word “invention”. An invention is a unique device, method or process that often extends the boundaries of human knowledge, experience or capability. The invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in the year 1450 is widely regarded as the most influential event of the modern era (= Zeitalter). This device increased the speed with which books could be made and led to the widespread distribution of knowledge for the first time in history. Gutenberg united several existing technologies – namely writing,…[show more]
Presentation1.763 Words / ~4 pages Humboldt-Gymnasium Karlsruhe English Book Report Lord of Flies 03.05.15 Autor: William Golding William Gerald Golding was born on September 19th , 1911 in Cornwall England. His father was a schoolmaster. His parents had wanted him to study science, so he did from grammar school until the second year of college. After his second year of college, he abandoned the study of science in favour of English literature. After his graduation from Oxford in science and English in 1935 he joined the Royal Navy and took part in the Second World War.Golding returned to teaching in 1945 and worked part time in small theatre companies as writer, actor and director. William Golding was honoured by the Royal Society of Literature with a Fellowship in 1955, he was the winner of the Nobel prize for Literature in 1983 and was knighted in 1988. He died on June 19, 1993. Although he was primarily…[show more]
Presentation1.229 Words / ~ pages Robert-Mayer Gymnasium Heilbronn The History Of Charlie Hebdo Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical magazine which reached worldwide attention after 7.1 .2015 when terrorists killed 17 people. Charlie Hebdo was founded in 1970 but was unsuccessful and was stopped because of lack of money. 1992 Charlie Hebdo was revived and became the second most popular satirical magazine after Le canard enchaîne in France. 2006 Charlie Hebdo began with Mohammed cartoons. Because of these cartoons CH was very often accused by French moslems and the Catholic church (because they very often made cartoons about them , more than about moslems) , but Charlie Hebdo won the judicial accusations each time. The first attack On 2.November 2011 somebody threw molotow cocktails on Charlie Hebdos house and set it on fire. Nearly everything was destroyed by the flames. (The newspaper Liberation…[show more]
Presentation846 Words / ~2 pages Riemenschneider Realschule San Francisco San Francisco is city in California. It is not only a city but also a county. Its nicknames are: The city by the big Bay, Frisco, The City That Knows How and Baghdad by the Bay. The motto of the flag is: Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerra which is Spanish and means: Gold in the Peace, Iron in war. San Francisco was founded on June 29th, in 1776. The city and the county got its name from the Saint Francis of Assisi. The city has got 60,7 square kilometres with79,8% of water. San Francisco is the fourth populous city in the United States. The city is located of the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, with the Pacific Ocean to the west, San Francisco Bay to the east, and the Golden Gate to the north. In 1776 the Spanish settled the tip of the peninsula and established a fort at the Golden Gate and a mission named for Francis of Assisi. During the Californian…[show more]
Presentation780 Words / ~ pages Von-Bock-Berufskolleg Mülheim - Walt DisneyWalter Elias Disney, better known as Walt Disney,was born on 5th December 1901 in Chicago.His parents, Elias and Flora, had aside of Waltalso three other sons and a daughter.In one’s own right he had two daughters called Diane Marie and Sharon Mae with his wife Lillian.At the age of 65 Walt Disney died on the 15th December 1966 in Burbank, due to lung cancer.Career­Walt was always intrested in drawing and art. At the age of 18, he worked for the«Kansas City Slide Company».Wher­e he made the-one-minut­e-car­toon­s Newman Laugh-O-Grams in his freetime. He went into business for oneself.But after finishing a new cartoon, called Alice’s Wonderland, the studio was closed.Walt recognized that he hadn’t a future in Kansas City.So he went aged 21 with only 40 Dollar to Hollywood.At first he got no job. But than the rental company…[show more]
Presentation431 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Aalen The Catholics- Discussion in Rome about a reformation Catholic is a common confession in the world, which always had kind of strict rules about relationships­, sex and marriage. Of course there are different ways of believing. Some people still believe but don’t follow all the rules. But there are also believers who take the Christian doctrine very serious. Those are called the Conservatives­. The Conservative Catholic mustn’t have any sex before he got married and when he did get married he mustn’t get divorced. He’s not allowed to use any kind of a contraceptive­. And sure there mustn’t be any sort of homosexual relationships­. That’s the way Catholics should actually live. But we’re in the 20 first century, people have changed their lifestyle. So there are many Catholics, who still believe, but don’t obey those rules. October…[show more]
Presentation352 Words / ~ pages Justus von liebig gymnasium neusäß Google Search: Google Search is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web with more than tree billion searches every day. The search itself works with analyse-progr­ams using key-words to find the best results as fast as possible. The searching results are then sorted by a priority rank. Google Search makes profit by contracting with big companies that are privileged to advertise at googles result lists first. Google Earth: The next program I want to introduce you is Google Earth. Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program, founded in 2001 by Michael T. Jones under its name Earth Viewer 3D. In 2004 Google bought the program and changed the name to Google Earth. With more than 1 billion downloads Google Earth is one of the most important geographic programs worldwide. There are several functions,…[show more]
Presentation779 Words / ~7 pages Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg Presentation about Canada - General Information and some Sights General The Settlement by Indians (First Nations) began at least 12,000 years ago, the Inuit followed about 5000 years ago. From the late 15th century Europeans landed on the East Coast and began around 1600 with the colonization. In this case, first the French and English sat firmly. During this time, the name Canada spread, which was originally a name for a Iroquois village. France joined in 1763 his New France to Great Britain from. With the Statute of Westminster in 1931 the country received legislative independence, more constitutiona­l links with the United Kingdom were abolished 1982nd Nominal head of state is Queen Elizabeth II., Which is represented by a governor general. Location Inuit The approximately 150,000 Inuit are probably one of the most famous…[show more]
Presentation458 Words / ~ pages Zürich, Kzn Religion in the Elizabethan Era In the 1500s the people of England all practiced the Roman Catholic religion. During this time however, the practise of Catholism was questioned of / by men such as Martin Luther (known as the Reformation). They started demanding a new religion called Protestantism­. The two major religions in the Elizabethan era were the Catholic and Protestant religions, so when Elizabeth I ascended to the throne in 1558, Catholics and Protestants wrangled for political power in England. Elizabeths first act as the Queen was restoring Protestantism as the official religion. While it was not a crime to be Catholic in Elizabethan England, there was no legal way for Catholics to practice their faith. It was illegal to hold or attend a Mass. It was only legal as long as they kept their religion private and were prepared…[show more]
Presentation691 Words / ~2 pages Bundesgymnasium Vöcklabruck Sehr geehrte Mitschüler und Mitschülerinn­en und sehr geehrte Frau Professor. Ich werde euch heute das Buch Ungeduld des Herzens von Stefan Zweig vorstellen. Zuerst zum Autor Stefan Zweig: Er wurde am 10. November 1881 in Salzburg geboren. Er wuchs als Sohn einer wohlhabenden jüdischen Familie auf. 1899 maturierte. 1904 schloss er sein Philosophie Studium mit dem Doktortitel ab. In dieser Zeit entwickelte sich nach und nach sein ausgefallener und besonderer Schreibstil. Stefan Zweig war sehr wohlhabend und reiste viel.Zweig hatte im ersten Weltkrieg keine militärischen Pflichten, er war aber im Wiener Kriegsarchiv tätig. Da er sich für den Frieden engagierte, zog er dann in die neutrale Schweiz.Nach Kriegsende kehrte er wieder nach Österreich zurück.1934 wurde das Haus des Pazifisten Stefan Zweig von den Nationalsozia­liste­n…[show more]
Presentation397 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Achern William Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Era William Shakespeare: the poet & his major works Biography: William Shakespeare was born on April 1564 in Stratford-upo­n-Avo­n in the north-west of London. He attended the local grammar school and got an education in history, Latin and poetry. Shakespeare married at the age of 18 the woman Anne Hathaway, who was 26 years old then, later she became also the mother of his three children. Short after their marriage William Shakespeare went to London and made a name for himself as an actor and author. He joined the famous and popular company of actors named »the Lord Chamberlains’­s Men«. Besides his work as a poet, he was also one of the owners of the Globe Theatre. Shakespeare returned in 1610 to his home town Stratford-upo­n-Avo­n as a rich and famous man. On 23rd April 1616 he died in his…[show more]
Presentation1.420 Words / ~3 pages Gymnasium Liestal Summary and themes and symbols and characters The plot of the book Joyland The twenty-one years old student Devin Jones wants to earn money in his semester break. During his temporary job in a restaurant, he find a magazine and pick it up and puts it in his back pocket. At home, he is reading the magazine, trough the advertisement about job possibilities he sees a job in an amusement park called Joyland. After the interview with Fred Dean, the Joyland’s employment officer, he gets the job. At the same day, he meets Madame Fortuna. In a conversation with her he asks her that it is a beautiful woman with dark hair in his future. Because he is in a relationship with Wendy Keegan. But Madame Fortuna says no, she is in your past. However, she says also that in his future is a little girl and a little boy with his dog. AnywayLane Hardy proposes Jonesy,…[show more]
Presentation5.158 Words / ~16 pages RBZ-Wirtschaft, Kiel Essstörungen: Magersucht, Bulimie, Binge-Eating RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel Regionales Berufsbildung­szent­rum Wirtschaft der Landeshauptst­adt Kiel Rechtsfähige Anstalt öffentlichen Rechts Abteilung: Berufliches Gymnasium Thema der Projektarbeit­: Essstörungen 2. Halbjahr 2016 Englisch, Frau Biologie, Frau Klasse: BG-11h 5337 Wörter : 31@gmail.com : klose.@web.de : .@gmx.de : @gmx.de : @yahoo.de : .@web.de Inhalt 1.0 Abstract 3 2.0 Einleitung 4 3.0 Magersucht 5 3.1 Allgemeines 5 3.2 Auswirkungen auf den Körper 6 3.3 Therapie 7 4.0 Bulimie 8 4.1 Allgemein Informationen 8 4.2 Ursachen 8 4.3 Auswirkungen auf den Körper 9 4.4 Therapie 10 5.0 Binge-Eating 11 5.1 Allgemeines 11 5.2 Ursachen 11 5.3 Auswirkungen auf den Körper 12 5.4 Therapie 12 6.0 Durchführung 13 7.0 Reflexions 14 7.1 14 7.3 15 7.4 15 7.6 16 1.0 Abstract The…[show more]
Presentation404 Words / ~ pages Hamburg Stadtteilschule 11. Klasse Goethe-Schule­-Harb­urg November 24th, 2016 Subject: English Teacher: Mr. Presented by: , , & Stepfamilies Structure: An example of how stepfamilies occur by showing off a video Explaining what stepfamilies are How stepfamily come into being Some statistics about stepfamilies in the U.S.A. Challenges that stepfamilies have to face from stepparents and childs perspective and how to overcome them 1.) A typical example of how and why stepfamilies occur The following clip shows a deperate mother who couldnt see her husband for a very long time, due to his work abroad. After a while, both stopped loving each other, because of her husband, who failed to maintain the relationship. She called him to explain her feelings, soon after both admitted to have new relationship and they agreed to peacefully divorce. Their child was eavesdropping­…[show more]
Presentation1.027 Words / ~2 pages Löwe Saxony A pair of Jeans Interview with Qaisra Sharaz R: Welcome Mrs. Shahraz, it’s a pleasure to be here with you today. You were born in Pakistan but you have spent most of your life in western society. You became famous for many novels and short stories you wrote about Muslim women and their identity in the western world. Today, you are listed as one of the 100 most influential Pakistanis in the world. Q: Thank you for this kind introduction and for inviting me. I’m glad to be here today. R: I would like to start with your famous short story “A pair of jeans”. It’s about the young Muslim woman Miriam who’s engaged to be married with a young Muslim man. Her parents-in-la­w however don’t accept the western clothes she wears one day. Is it in your opinion a recent problem that Muslim women are forced to wear face veils and head scarfs? Q: This topic is very…[show more]

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