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List of PPT Powerpoint Presentation: English Language

Powerpoint1.135 Words / ~21 pages Schiller-Gymnasium Berlin Resistance against slavery Resistance from Slaves Slave resistance was very common At least 250 confirmed slave-riots until 1865 Only two successful riots, one in Haiti and one on the ship Amistad Riot plans are often discovered before they even started Riots were usually stopped with brutal violence Other common types of resistance: Violence against slave Owners, Sabotage and escaping Aboard the Amistad The Amistad was a ship from a North American trading company A trading ship, a slave ship 53 slaves loaded Succesfull riot at the 28.06.1839 The riot leader was Sangbe Pieh, a rice farmer from Africa Africans did not know how to navigate Commanded the crew to navigate the ship back to Africa The crew fooled them and moved the ship to america Ship was discovered by an American military ship Long court process, called Amistad Process…[show more]
Powerpoint940 Words / ~20 pages Hochschule Albstadt Sigmaringen James Blunt Characteristi­cs Name: Blount Artistname: Blunt Firstname: James Hilier Date of birth: 22. February 1974 Sign: fish Place of birth: Tidworth ( Großbrtiannie­n) Nationality: British Family Status: single Location: Hacienda on Ibiza (Spain), Family Status: single Location: Hacienda on Ibiza (Spain), chalet in Verbier (Switzerland)­, Apartment in London (UK) Family: Parents: Jane and Charles Blount Brothers and sisters: Emily and married to Guy and Daisy Childhood and Youth Earlier childhood: Due to the changing stationing his father James spent his childhood in various European countries, including the UK, Germany and Cyprus. He later attended boarding schools (with some assistance from the British military) in England. schooling / University: 1981: Elstree School in Woolhamptom ( private bo ys school…[show more]
Powerpoint590 Words / ~22 pages Fanny-Leicht Gymnasium Stuttgart No one is born hating another person No one is born hating another person Structure Timeline 1.1. 1918-1943 early life 1.2. 1943-1962 Revolutionnar­y activity 1.3. 1962- 1990 Imprisonment 1.4. 1990-1994 The end of apartheid What impact did Nelson have on South Africa/ the world today ? 3. his values in the future (1.) 1. Timeline 1918 Was born on 18 July 1918 into a royal family of the Xhosa-speakin­g Thembu tribe in the village of Mvezo 1925 attended primary school near Qunu 1927 Death of the father nelson was entrusted to the regent 1.1. 1918-1943 early life (1.) (1.) 1938 Attended the University of Fort Hare Studied for a B.A. Met Oliver Tambo 1941 moved to Johannesburg to escape an arranged marriage 1943 he completed his degree via a correspondenc­e course at the University of South Africa married his first wife Evelyn Ntoko Mase (1.)…[show more]
Powerpoint353 Words / ~ pages Ernst-Göbel-Schule Höchst The Jewel „You stole my body and my life and you expect me to be grateful?” [.]” what life?” she says. “Would you rather be living in poverty? Starving and filthy in a hovel in the Marsh?” “Yes” I cry. “A thousand times over if I could be with my family again. [.] I would do anything for that sort of freedom.” Content Information Slavery and exploitation Map of the Lone City Situation of surrogates Violet Violet’s childhood Violet’s time in the Holding Facility Southgate Information Written by Amy Ewing Published in 2014 First book of the series ‘‘The Lone City‘‘ Tells the story of the young woman Violet Violet is in the Holding Facility Southgate for the last day She has to meet her family before she will be brought to the Auction Violet is sold to the Duchess of Lake Violet meets her chambermind, which is mute Violet visits the doctor of the…[show more]
Powerpoint420 Words / ~11 pages Hölderlin Gymnasium Nürtingen THE GREAT GATSBY American Dream or American Nightmare? Structure • Summary of the book – Characters – Story • American Dream • Text passages and film clips • American Nightmare • Author • Result • Sources • Settings: – East Egg à Old Money Ø Daisy, Tom, Jordan – West Egg  New Money Ø Gatsby, Nick – Valley of Aches à poor Ø Myrtle, George • Work hard à dreams come true  better life • Freedom • Liberty • Individuality Party at Gatsby´s house • Big paties • Easy money • Wealth • Relaxed social values • Wanted to be noticed • Alcohol Gatsby´s past • Farmer family à poor • Son of god  glorious future • 16 years goes away • Help Dan Cole  chance to get rich • He sails out of danger and in his new future • Learned good manners • After Cole´s death  destitute • He gets rich quick • Wanted to get rich because of Daisy  wants her back • Everthing for her  parties, house…[show more]

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