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List of Specialised papers: English Language

Specialised paper6.630 Words / ~21 pages BG/BRG HIB Liebenau Graz So he takes his 3 lunch ladies from the Elementary school to the other 24, to spread the word about his ,boot campʻ. At his boot camp, he also explains the parents the problem of the bag lunches, because if a kid brings chips and french fries for its own lunch, the teachers are not allowed to take it away from them. 5.3. Huntingtonʻs Kitchen Besides his effort at the schools he bought a little shop to make ,Huntingtons Kitchenʻ out of it, where people can come to take free cooking lessons. Jamie made a bet with Rod from the radiostation to get one thousand people in his kitchen to learn a simple dish. » Everyone has to do their bit, then change can and will happen. « Jamie Oliver This kitch should have the function of a mothership of the food revolution in Huntington. Jamie invited some children from the elementary school in order to make an experiment…[show more]
Specialised paper2.263 Words / ~14 pages Bohnstedt Gymnasium Luckau FACHARBEIT im Fach Englisch Olympic Games in London Verfasser: Schule: Bohnstedt - Gymnasium - LuckauBetreue­nder Lehrer: Frau GromulatFach: EnglischSchul­jahr: 2012 / 2013 Table of Content: Introduction Olympic Games Olympic Games 1908 Development and Preparation Stadiums The White-City-St­adium (The Stadium) Other sport locations Participating Countries Sports Great Heroes Mel Sheppard Henry Taylor Benjamin Jones Olympic Games 1944 Olympic Games 1948 Development and Preparation Stadiums Participating Countries Sports Great Horoes Fanny Blankers-Koen Veikko Huhtanen Emil Zátopek Olympic Games 2012 Development and Preparation Stadiums The Olympia Stadium The Aquatics Centre The Water Polo Arena The Riverbank Arena The Basketball Arena Participating Countries Sports Great Heroes Usian Bolt Addendium…[show more]
Specialised paper4.971 Words / ~17 pages St. Pius Gymnasium Coesfeld The hippie movement idealized clothing that was free, unrestrictive and far from the normal suits, ties and formal dresses most popular with their parent´s generation. Today this style of clothing can be seen everywhere, if you take a closer look. Moreover Hippies influenced not only clothes but a wide range of ideas and attitudes thus changing society in the process. A great example for that is the idea of nudism. Going naked was one of the great freedoms the hippies discovered. The hippies liked the idea of being naked because it puts them closer to nature and the feeling of air and water on their exposed skin is both thrilling and invigorating. Nude beaches, nude sunbathing and swimming, nudist colonies, all proliferated thanks to hippies. In addition the whole sexual revolution had a great impact on society. Frankness regarding…[show more]
Specialised paper5.827 Words / ~24 pages Europagymnasium BGB PERFECTION We all just want to be perfect. INTRODUCTION This term paper is all about perfection. In the following pages, the definition of perfection, and how it is a main aspect in our lives, will be shown and discussed. Furthermore, I give some specific information about the health issues which the strive of perfection causes. So many people get lost as a person, can not enjoy their lives anymore, obsessed with the desperate seek for perfection. The reason why I decided to write my term paper about “Perfection” is the fact that it is an enormous issue nowadays and I am influenced by it myself, even if I do not want to. It is worth saying that doing this term paper for school was not just writing a text for me. It was a way for me to think about the sense of life and what I really want. Are choices and decisions I make in life based on what I want to…[show more]
Specialised paper1.210 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Verl Introduction: America. The land of freedom and endless possibilities­. But how is freedom defined in the USA? How can so many US-citizens speak of freedom? Did they forget the past? When the whites discriminate the Afro-American­s like they were nothing worth? From the point of view of the Afro-American­s, many speak about the way “From slavery to Freedom”. Theme selection The topic I have selected for my skilled work is “The fight against the racial segregation – peacefully or forcefully? I have chosen this topic because it is still an ongoing problem. Even though things are quite different today, there is still a racial tension within the community. The nation is still moving toward two societies, one black and one white – separate and unequal. Afro-american­s are, on average still being discriminated­, many in different ways other…[show more]
Specialised paper1.972 Words / ~14 pages Oberhausen Sophie Scholl Berufskolleg Self harm among British teenagers: fashion trend or addiction? Heinrich-Hein­e-Gym­nasi­um Schuljahr: 2014/2015 Jahrgangsstuf­e: Q1 Name: Facharbeit im LK: Englisch Kursleiter: Herr Hüskes Self harm among British teenagers - fashion trend or addiction? Abgabetermin: 21. März 2015 Table of contents page Introduction 3 Main part 1. SIB (self-injurio­us behaviour) – asking for the reason 4 1.1. Definition 4 – 5 1.2. “Why do they do that?” 5 – 7 2. Fashion trend or addiction? 8 2.1. What is a fashion trend and what is an addiction? 8 – 9 2.2. Reasons for self-injuriou­s behaviour to be an addiction 9 – 10 3. Statistics of self-injuriou­s behaviour in Britain 11 – 12 Résumé 13 List of references 14 Introduction Self-harm, or self-injuriou­s behaviour, SIB for short, is a worldwide, in particular upon teenagers, very often appearing…[show more]
Specialised paper777 Words / ~2 pages Technische Universität Dortmund - TU Motives of American Rap. Drake - Fake Love Drake The worlds only black Jewish Canadian rapstar Drake was born on 2th October 1986 in Toronto as Aubrey Drake Graham. His parents divorced when he was five years old. His African-Ameri­can father Dennis Graham was a drummer from Memphis and drove his son every summer to Memphis, which is a rich city and hometown of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and other famous people.( Drake´s Jewish white mother Sandy Graham raised him up in Forest Hill, a rich Jewish area of Toronto, and gave her son her culture and religion. She practised him everthing such as hockey, baseball, he was also model at the age of five. After school he was actor and played the role Jimmy Brooks in the serial “Degressi: The Next Generation“. ( His biography clearly shows that he had a good and normal childhood. Unlike Tupc or Eminem,…[show more]
Specialised paper4.081 Words / ~24 pages Gymnasium Berlin The Chrysler Building 5. History of New York New York City is considered one of the most important cities in the world. The history is an important part of this beautiful city like it is today. Already in 1524, the area around the Manhattan peninsula was discovered by Giovanni da Verrazano. It was not until 1626 that Peter Minuit bought the then-native Indians from the land named Manna-hatta and founded the settlement Nieuw Amsterdam. This started an unprecedented success story. In the first years after the founding, the settlement was still plagued with corruption and chaos, but that was about to change when in 1647 Petrus Stuyvesant was appointed governor. During his tenure, he not only severely curtailed crime, he also built the citys first school and hospital. He also had built a wall in the north of the city to protect the city…[show more]

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