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List of Argumentative pro and contra Essay: English Language

Discussion541 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Köln English Bürgi Zimmermann 6th of November 2017 Comment on the idea of Britain as a “promised land “for migrants. Eastern Europe is mostly less employed, and the industry is behind in comparison with as an example Germany, the UK or the Netherlands which won’t let these countries unaffected by migration waves of unemployed people. As an example, lots of young, unemployed polish people wants to work in the UK because the UK has the reputation of being a promised land for migrants. I will discuss this idea in the following comment Firstly, it is clear, that the UK is an advanced industrial power. Tis gives the polish workers an ability to practise and learn from the British factories and they earn valuable knowledge and know-how form the UK. Through this the workers, who return to Poland rise the education level, but especially they are…[show more]
Discussion2.194 Words / ~3 pages WWU Münster Macbeth and the Natural Order The notion of a division of the world into macrocosm – the universe – and microcosm – the Earth dates back to the days of Plato. The ancient Greeks believed that everything in the universe beyond the moon was well organised and arranged according to great regularities: for instance the movement of the stars, the turn of the seasons and the alteration of day and night. However, in the Sublunary Realm, matter, life and nature could not be controlled completely, the result of which were natural disasters like earthquakes, tempests and droughts as well as misery like famines, epidemics and even war. Only later, in the Middle Ages, the distinction between macrocosm and microcosm took on a more symbolic and moral meaning, with ‘macrocosm’ now referring to nature and the universe and ‘microcosm’ to man himself.…[show more]
Discussion408 Words / ~ pages Tulla-Gymnasium Rastatt Essay School of air In this essay, I want to present the advantages and disadvantages of the school of air. I ask myself whether school of air was interesting for me. As the first positive argument why the school of air is interesting I would like to call that learn on the computer makes more fun than to sit in a classroom and when school is funny you can learn more than when the school is boring. Many of my friends thinks that the school is boring, but they love to work on a computer. For example when I have to write an essay for school, I write it with my computer because it makes more fun to write with on a computer than with a pencil. One more positive aspect of the school of air is that children who haven’t any school in their village can go to school. In the desert of Australia is no school because there are living not many children. In western Queensland…[show more]
Discussion421 Words / ~1 page Goethegymnasium Kassel English Essay Are Tv casting shows harmful to our society? I bet all of us knows at least one casting show broadcasted on TV. Casting shows have become an integral part of the culture and daily life of teenagers and young adults. Thousands queue-up as candidates to show, or rather in the hope to be elected to show their talents. Although one can shrug it off as entertainment­, it has, in my opinion, a negative affect on both candidates and viewers. Although the negative aspects prevails do the TV casting shows offer successful competitors an open door into the Fashion or music industry. It has lowered the threshold to become recognized and known to a broad audience. In the past a talented musician would have to tour through bars and different clubs to get attention and very often it was more a matter of luck than talent to get discovered .…[show more]
Discussion477 Words / ~1 page Schönbuch Gymnasium Holzgerlingen Should headscarves be forbidden at German schools? In recent years more and more students are wearing headscarves. But a lot of people think they are disturbing the other students. So they want to ban them from school. Therefore many schools are discussing the question whether headscarves should be forbidden or not. On the one hand you can say that headscarves should be forbidden at schools, because the girls who are wearing them might get excluded and so they cant integrate into the class. When this is the case they dont find friends and as a consequence of this everyone is mocking them. Furthermore many girls are too young to decide if they want to wear the headscarves or not. So the parents are just forcing them to wear it. If there was a ban against the hadscarves the girls who are forced to wear the headscarves dont have to do it and that…[show more]
Discussion551 Words / ~ pages Albert Einstein Gymnasium Ulm Comment In the USA, the new president Donald Trump is planning a wall between the USA and Mexico. In further times in Berlin existed a wall too between the west part and the east part of the town. So the question is coming up if it makes sence to split up the population into two parts. In the following paragraphs I will show different argumuments concerning the topic of building a wall. On the one hand you can say that if a wall is built in each area are developing independent political structures, For example the different areas have own parties that can make own decisions like BRD and DDR in Germany. Furthermore each of the seperated states have an own economy. The goverment makes regulations what the states is allowed to produce and which products can be imported and exported. For instance is the seperated of Germany. In the BRD there was…[show more]
Discussion940 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium, Germany Discussion: Homeland security - security vs privacy in the USA Discussion: 18/01/18 Security vs. privacy The devastating terrorist attacks on 9/11 did not only shake the United States, but also moved the rest of the world. Since then, public security has become priority number one in order to prevent further attacks from happening. The measures taken, however, are being perceived as a violation against personal freedom and privacy by many. Are security and freedom really mutually exclusive? The former President Obama addressed this very issue, saying that “Homeland security must protect citizens, not intrude on them.” Is this reality or wishful thinking? In the following, I shall take a closer look at some security measures and evaluate whether they correspond to Obamas Guideline. Since 9/11, airport security has been…[show more]
Discussion616 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Muttenz (CH) What are the advantages of private passenger vehicles / cars? What is a car?- This question none of us have ever heard before because the automobile exists for over 120 years. We can’t imagine a world without cars and a lot of things have changed since the invention of cars. The world has become much more mobile. But is this really a good thing? Without cars we would have much less problems. Firstly, People who get their drivers license become more and more lazy. They go very short distances by car which they could easily go by bicycle or on foot.another point is, that there are the animals which have to suffer. Often you can see dead, run over animals at the roadside. That’s a really sad sight.Apart of that there are the prices of gasoline which rises and rises. There will be the day when you can’t even drive by car anymore because of the immense…[show more]

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