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List of Final theses: English Language

Final thesis1.873 Words / ~11 pages Bucuresti Colegiul German goethe Sprache im Wandel Der Einfluss der englischen Sprache Inhaltsverzei­chnis 1.Vorwort 2.Die Sprachen im Wandel 3.Deinglisch in der Werbung 4.Grafikauswe­rtung 5.Jugendsprac­he Vorwort Ich habe dieses Thema gewählt weil es mich sehr interessiert. Die Welt der Sprachen ist sehr faszinierend, denn sie ermöglicht die Verständigung zwischen Menschen. Ohne Sprachen wird keine Komunikation zwischen den Einzelnperson­en durchgeführt. Meiner Meinung nach ist die Sprache und das Gesprochene ein Mittel deiner eigenen Individualitä­t. Ich finde die Veränderungen und der Wechsel der Sprachen auch interessant, weil sie endlose Vorgänge sind. Vielleicht werden in tausend Jahren nur ein oder zwei globale Sprachen benuzt. Leider gibt es keine Bibliotheken in meiner Stadt, wo ich deutsche Bücher oder Zeitschriften finden kann.…[show more]
Final thesis3.199 Words / ~11 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Term Paper World Englishes and its pronunciation in the different parts of the world. Table of Contents Introduction World Englishes History and dispersal English as a second language Variations across Englishes/Dia­lects Pidgins and Creoles Pronunciation Models of English world-wide Teaching English Pronunciation Likely errors of non native English speaker Example of one variety of spoken English Conclusion Bibliography 1. Introduction “Most people who speak Swedish are Swedish and were born in Sweden; in contrast it is an almost impossible task to complete the following analogous statement “Most people who speak English ” These are the words Prof Randolph Quirk uses to start his book ‘The use of English’ and as I understand it; this is one of the most interesting questions to ask due to the present spread of English to…[show more]
Final thesis2.763 Words / ~10 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU An Investigation of Hoolganism 1. Introduction 2 2. Brawls throughout the History 3 3. Modern Definition 4 4. Behaviour 5 5. Measures against Hooliganism 7 7. Bibliography 9 Webliography 9 1. Introduction Violence between fans of competing sport teams started much earlier than one might think. Tacitus already wrote down such an incident that happened in Pompeii AD59. At a gladiator spectacle fans started to exchange insults and ended up fighting with weapons. The Pompeians may have won the brawl, but were forbid to attend sports events for the following ten years. In this encounter, the leader of the fights where also banned from the city (cf. Tacitus Annals, 14.17). The term itself was coined in the UK in the 1960s by a journalist. At that time, the outburst where no longer spontaneous, but appeared to be organized and without…[show more]
Final thesis3.004 Words / ~15 pages HLW Auhof Linz 001007-0012 Independent Project Portfolio Session: May 2014 Word Count: 2,990 Candidate Number: 001007-0012 Table of Contents: Introduction pg.3 Play Summary pg.3-4 Characterizat­ion of House Scientist pg.4-5 Independent Research pg.5-8 Costume Preparation pg.8-10 The Performance pg.11-12 Conclusion pg.12 Bibliography pg.13 Based on my experiences in the IB Theatre Arts course as well as the research I have done, I have chosen to design costumes for the play Three Women in a Café written by Sandra Brandstetter. By taking on this role I will be responsible for coming up with appropriate costumes which portray the characters personality clearly without using stereotypes. However, this can be quite difficult due to the costume having to portray the person’s character both internally and externally. My main focus will…[show more]

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