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List of Reports: English Language

Report2.283 Words / ~7 pages Friedrichsgymnasium Kassel The Role of betrayal in “Nineteen eighty-four” Introduction “We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.” -Tennessee Williams, American author and playwright With this quote Tennessee Williams captured an important part of the word betrayal. It says that betrayal cannot exist without trust. Moreover it describes that distrust is the main result of the existence of betrayal in our everyday life. You need a well aligned distrust for not being betrayed too often. The bigger your trust the easier you can be betrayed. Therefore describing trust is an important part for describing the word betraying. Betrayal has ever been a part of the human being. This has often been reflected in literature. A very good example for this is the book “Nineteen eighty-four” written by George Orwell in 1948. In his book he…[show more]
Report1.085 Words / ~10 pages Realschule Tiengen GFS English Topic: William Wallace From: Grade: 8e Realschule Tiengen Inhalt Timeline of William Wallace Ca. 1270 Born near Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland. William Wallace was the son of a Scottish farmer. 1296 England’s King Edward I. forced the Scottish King John de Balliol to leave the throne, jailed him, and makes himself to a ruler of Scotland. In May Wallace and some 30 other men destroyed the Scottish town of Lanark and killed the English sheriff there. After that Wallace organised a local army and attacked the English strongholds1 between the Forth and Tay rivers. 1296 The first Scottish War of Independence started 1297 Wallace added the English troops a crushing defeat 2and haunted them out of Scotland in the north of England. 1298 William Wallace defeated at Falkirk. After that Wallace become the Guardian of Scotland´´.…[show more]
Report350 Words / ~ pages Militärrealgymnasium Wiener Neustadt The Horrors of Halloween evea short report based on a confirmend event during The Troubles, (the common name for the ethno-nationa­list conflict in Northern Ireland that spilled over at various times into the Republic of Ireland, England and mainland Europe), by Britton’s Parade, West Belfast. On Halloween in 1971 members of the British army parachute regiment interrupted a fund raising dance, which was organized by the charity organization Relatives for justice (RFJ), and mostly attended by catholic youths, resulting in the tragic death of the ordinary seventeen year old catholic Eamon McCormick. The dance was held at the St. Peters School hall in Britton’s Parade and was organized to raise money for the relatives of two sisters, Dorothy Maguire and Maura Meenan, who were shot dead by British soldiers on 23 October of 1971.…[show more]
Report398 Words / ~ pages IGS Wilhelmshaven Film Review: L.A. Crash. An emotional roller coaster ride An emotional roller coaster ride „L.A. Crash tells interlocking stories of whites, blacks, Latinos, Koreans, Iranians, cops and criminals, the rich and the poor, the powerful and powerless in Los Angeles, all defined in one way or another by racism. All are victims of it, and all are guilty it. Anthony and Peter, two young black criminals, steal the car of the Lawyer Richard Cabot, played by Brendan Fraser and his wife Jean, played by Sandra Bullock. A similar car appears. Policeman Ryan, played by Matt Dillon, is on patrol with his young colleague Thomas Hanson, played by Ryan Phillippe. In it are the TV director Cameron and his wife Christine, played by Thandie Newton. In front of the Latino Cameron and his colleague, Ryan fumbles the attractive woman without one of the two…[show more]
Report5.597 Words / ~20 pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Methods and Techniques of Foreign Language Teaching Term Paper Contents 1. Language learner profile 22. Critical comments 5 2.1 13/05/2015 2.2 20/05/2015 2.3 03/06/2015 3. Report on SP 1 .9 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Lesson observations 3.3 Reflection on lessons based on EPOSTL descriptors 3.4 Conclusion 4. Semester Plan .16 5. Lesson Plans 18 1. Language learner profile My second language education started in primary school when I was eight years old. About half an hour each week was dedicated to learning some words and basic phrases in English. Our teacher grouped together semantic fields such as fruit, school supplies, animals etc and taught us the right vocabulary with corresponding flash cards. Then we usually had to form basic questions and sentences with them, for example “I would like an apple, please” Or “Can you give me…[show more]
Report652 Words / ~ pages HTL Weiz Stirling Castle Stirling Castle is a Scottish castle, located in Sterling. Sterling is a town which lays in the central of Scotland and has about 36.000 inhabitants.T­he rock on the Stirling Castle emerged for about 350 million years ago and was honed during the Ice Age to its present form. The fortress is, of course slightly younger. Nobody knows when the first people settled here, but due to prehistoric finds one can conclude and early settlement. Stirling was associated with several kings like Penda, King of Mercia or King Bruce of the Picts. In the Middle Ages Stirling was besieged by Kenneth Mac Alpin, who was King of the Scots since 842. Only from the early 12th century the source situation becomes somewhat more accurate. The first mentions of a castle exist in 1107 and 1115 under King Alexander I. There are no indications as Stirling…[show more]

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