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List of Essays: English Language

Essay586 Words / ~ pages Lise-Lotte-Gymnasium, Mannheim „True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence.­“ (F.D. Roosevelt, 1944) Time has changed but some things havent. One of those things is that True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. This is a statement by Franklin D. Roosevelt who was one of the most important US presidents in history. For some explaining: True individual freedom means that you can be who you want to be and dont have to change yourself for others. In addition to that Economic security means that you have enough money to survive. The last keyword in the statement independence easily means that you have the strength and will to be on your own. In the following essay, I want to comment on the statement comparing it to the novel Half Broke Horses and especially Lilys life. I personally agree with…[show more]
Essay530 Words / ~1 page PMS Kreuzlingen Home Essay: Billy Elliot Topic 3: Relationship between Billy and his father Jackie At the beginning of the story the relationship between Jackie and Billy was not good. Billy said that his father was always fighting – fighting the government, fighting with the bosses, fighting at home, fighting him. Jackie was also worried about Billy, he tried to be a good father but every boy needs a mother. And he thought that Billy wasn’t an ordinary boy. Jackie loved Billy but thought that he was strange, he was different from other boys. Jackie was also worried about the future of his son, he didn’t have anything to give to him, no job, no mother, no future, just himself. Jackie sent Billy boxing every Saturday, he wanted that Billy learned to defend himself if necessary. Billy didn’t like boxing. Next to where he was boxing some girls were dancing…[show more]
Essay490 Words / ~1 page Universität Leipzig Multi - ethnic Britain Great Britain is a country with a big history. In the 19 century it had so much colonies, that it covered over one quarter of the whole world! Now they all get independent, but English is still a language that is spoken in a lot of colonies. So there are a lot of people who can speak English in a good way. They know that in Great Britain is high standard of living. So a lot of people from the colonies want to move to the mother country. There are a lot of other reasons to move to Great Britain. Some families want to start a new live. They think they can get a new and good work and become rich. This is mostly not the case. An other reason is to live in a city with a low crime rate, because for example in India there are a lot of ghettos which are very dangerous. Some people want to live in a country with a religious freedom, because there are…[show more]
Essay1.135 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU Why is English so important? “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” Ludwig Wittgenstein The question students of foreign languages should ask is whether English is the language with the most promising future and how the English language we know is going to change in the face of the fast-paced globalisation­. No one questions the fact that English plays an important role as a world-wide trading language and that English has obtained a considerable status regarding the communication between people who do not share the same mother tongue. There are numerous countries which carry out their international business transactions almost exclusively in English (even if it is not their own mother tongue). So, what made English to what it is today? The question is whether English possesses certain features that make the…[show more]
Essay785 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Köln Analysis of Obama’s speech This text is an extract from Obama’s speech, which he delivered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s speech, on 28 August 2013 and deals with the equal treatment of every American. Obama’s ambition is the people to get a feeling of togetherness and so this speech is addressed to the whole America. Throughout the text you can found a neutral writing style. There are no difficult technical terms and also the syntax does not reveal any complexity so everyone can follow the words and Obama condescend to his nation. With short and simple but very expressive phrases he appeals to the listeners feelings and wants to create a emotional basic to get “liberty and justice for all” (l. 80). So the tone of the speech is not just emotional but also optimistic and positive.…[show more]
Essay675 Words / ~ pages Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - KFU A future for American Studies (Chapter I) In the first chapter it is generally argued that the American Studies have to transform in order to address how America signifies in the new global issues such as politic, environment and so forth. Further it is very important for the New American Studies to become more comparative which can be achieved by rethinking and improving the current methods of American Studies. One of the main things that has to be achieved is to get the current, influential scholars to learn from non-U.S-schol­ars in order to broaden their horizon and maybe get some insights that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Further it is suggested that people and also scholars should overcome their prejudices and fears in order to create a New American Study where all nations and minorities, no matter how small they are, are…[show more]
Essay710 Words / ~ pages NMS Wien My dear class! A little while ago I realised, that I actually don’t know much about you! About who you are or what your life looks like. That sort of made me sad. So I thought I’d tell you a little bit about me to make a start, and perhaps you want to tell me a bit more about yourselves after that as well. I am 36 years old and I was born in Vienna. My mum and dad were Viennese too. Mostly I grew up with my mother, as my parents got divorced when I was only three months old. I have four siblings. My two elder siblings are called Nora, who is 39, and Roman, who is 43 years old. The three of us have the same father. My two younger brothers, René (24 years) and Enric (20 years), are my half-brothers­, so they are the sons of my mum’s second husband, my stepfather. My stepfather was Spanish but he had lived in German speaking countries most of his life. When I was 18 he…[show more]
Essay1.557 Words / ~3 pages Gymnasium Hannover , Year 13 English Internal 3.2 Much Ado about Nothing, Shakespeare Much Ado about Nothing was written by Shakespeare around 1598, which makes it one of his later comedies. Unlike his early comedies the humour in Much Ado about Nothing does not depend upon funny situations, it derives from comic characters in the play and through their confused manner and speech. However, comedy in Shakespearean times and its Elizabethan usage had a very different meaning from modern comedy we are use to today. Whatever happens along the way in a dramatic or even tragic comedy it will offer an image of happiness in the end, often through marriage between unmarried characters (Hero & Claudio; Benedict & Beatrice). Shakespeare uses comic characters, like the Watch, Dogberry and Verges in Much Ado about Nothing, to balance near-tragic events they…[show more]
Essay517 Words / ~ pages IGS Landau „The right of privacy is more important than the public’s right to be informed“ Is this statement really correct? There are Arguments for and against this statemant. In this essay I explain arguments in favour for and against the work of paparazi. The first argument is to lead that the Celebrity have chosen this life in the public. The public is part of her career. Moreover they present themselves to their fans what makes they even famous. The career of an actress, for example, is not only in front of the camera but also on the red carpet or in interviews. They are role model and Celebrity. My second argument is that the Stars get public and fame without the privacy. By headlines and rumors, which are mostly self-invented by the stars bring they to the public and arouse the curiosity of the people. For example, a mounted image showing a new…[show more]
Essay451 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Köln ­ The Truman Show Relationship between Christof and Truman The relationship of them is like that one between god and the humans. In the beginning of the movie is written “[.] Truman Burbank [.] created by Christof”. So there is the first indication of such a relationship. The second one is the names of them: Christof which comes from Christophorus who is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. Christophorus is responsible for example for rescuing from any danger and storm and he helps every sailor. These three duties are the most important for us. The first one Christof tries to fulfil Truman´s whole life and that is also the reason why he has adopted Truman. The two last duties he does not fulfil completely because in two situations of Truman ´s life Truman gets in real danger on the sea because of Christof. Christof gave Truman his name;…[show more]
Essay915 Words / ~2 pages Maria-Wächtler-Gymnasium Essen The Influence of the Ku Klux Klan in the past and present The term ‘Ku Klux Klan’ is probably derived from the Greek word kuklos which means circle, so the Ku Klux Klan was meant to be a circle of brothers with the same objective. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was founded on 24th of December 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee, USA by Calvin E. Jones, John B. Kennedy, Frank O. McCord, John C. Lester, Richard R. Reed and James R Crowe as an organization without a political target. The Klan grew especially from people of the southern states which do not accepted the laws adopted by the northern states about the equality of the rights of black and white people. In 1867 the founder lost their leadership and control about the Klan, so they organized a meeting in Nashville, Tennessee to elect a leader of this brotherhood. Nathan Bedford Forrest was elected to be the…[show more]
Essay635 Words / ~1 page Gymnasium Bielefeld Berlin Berlin is the capital of and one of the 16 regions of Germany. It’s in the east and 829 squarekilomet­ers large. Berlin has 12 districts, for example Spandau, Kreuzberg, Charlottenbur­g. 3, 4 million people live in the city. The mayor is Michael Müller, the chancellor Angela Merkel and the federal president Joachim Gauck. Albrecht Den Bären founded Berlin in 1237. His surname is the reason the coat of arms has a bear on it. It’s white with a red streak below and above. In the centre you can see a black bear standing and screaming. Now I will tell you something about the history: During the Second World War, Berlin as the capital was a very important place for Hitler and his supporter. After the war, half of all buildings in Berlin were destroyed. Between 1961 and 1990, Belin and all of Germany was divided in east and west by a big wall.…[show more]
Essay1.797 Words / ~6 pages Universität Duisburg-Essen - UDE “Till Death Do Us Part - Or The Impacts Of The Sun” The Discussion Of Marriage In Byron’s Don Juan Love and marriage have always been central topics in literary works. Thus, it is not surprising that they are also dominant themes in Byron’s works, especially in his most prominent work, the epic poem Don Juan, in which the reader encounters a rather negative and cynical view on the institution of marriage. Applying a biographical reading, I will illustrate that Byron expresses his own ideas of love and marriage through the voice of his narrator(s). This will become clear by taking closer look at Canto I and III. In the beginning of Canto I, the narrator introduces a negative example of a married couple, namely that of Don Juan’s parents, Don Jóse and his wife Donna Inez, who were unhappily married. Describing their marriage, the narrator…[show more]
Essay2.762 Words / ~7 pages Leibniz Universität Hannover Nineteenth Century: Fiction The following work will examine and analyze the nineteenth century, or more precisely, the Victorian era, in regard to history and its authors. The Victorian era of the British history was the period of Queen Victorias reign from 1837 until her death in 1901. It was a long period of peace, progress and according to the industrial revolution a time of prosperity. The situation became more complex as the century progressed. That was a time of great changes when the country was altering very rapidly in infrastructur­es and technology, new industrial age of steam engines, locomotives, railroads, and factories. The effect on people was tremendous. One of the central issues of the nineteenth century was the Industrial Revolution. Major changes took place in agriculture, manufacturing­, transportatio­n,…[show more]
Essay558 Words / ~ pages Friedrich-Dessauer-Gymnasium Frankfurt am Main - FDG Task : Letter home to Norway by Mim The letter from Sjur J. Haaeim was written on the 22 April, 1839 at the Middle Point in Illinois. It is addressed to Bishop Jacob Neumann. The author describes his journey with other Norwegians from Norway to America and tells the addressee the disappointmen­t about the country. At the beginning of the Letter he promises to be honest about everything he will say. Most of them left Norway in 1836 to travel to America without any information except some letters of Gjert Gregoriussen Hovland, who was very impressed by the country. Therefore the author and other Norwegians were excited to travel to America. But all what they had expected, turned out quite different. Instead of big houses they found small huts, the homes of half-naked people. So Haaeim and the others also had to build some of those huts for…[show more]
Essay896 Words / ~2 pages Gymnasium Bruck Opinion essay about home schooling I would like to begin with the question ´´what is homeschooling ?´´ First of all I will mention some facts about home schooling. Home school is a school where a child is educating at home by parents and / or teacher and usually done inside the home rather than at public or private schools. Parents make the choice to provide elementary , middle or high school education to a child. Another thing to consider is that they are many types of home schooling . They are structured , virtual online , unschooling, ecletic and unit studies. In addition to that home schools have benefits for example Family orientated, successrate , cost , flexibility , course curriculum , influences and religious views. However, there are many differences between home school and private & public schools. In private & public schools…[show more]
Essay2.455 Words / ~6 pages High School in America, Chewelah American Literaturepoe­try Period: 3Date: 3-5-13 Essay: Deciding The poem “Deciding”, written by Wendy Wilder Larsen and Tran Thi Nga takes place in the city “Hadong”. The city is in the north-east of Vietnam. The tone in the poem is sad and oppressive. It changes for three stanzas, beginning at line 21 when the protagonist starts talking about his or her past, the tone is getting happier and lighter, but it changes back for the last stanza, which makes the overall impression really sad. The poem “Deciding” does not have a constant rhythm that goes through the whole poem, the stanzas have different lengths. Every stanza ends with either a period or a question mark after each stanza which shows that the poet ended his or her thought. The lines in the poem don’t rhyme as in many other poems; they are “independent” from each other. The first…[show more]
Essay721 Words / ~ pages Goethe-Gymnasium Berlin Why soccer should replace maths Speech by Fellow students, I stand here at this place, at this day, and at this hour. Dear friends, how many math tests have you failed? How much time have you spent doing math homework, that you could have spent with meeting friends and playing on your gaming console? And how often did you have detention because of not understanding math class and instead talking to your friends? Well, I can tell you this is not your fault, math is taught in ways that just cant be fun, even if you work hard, you will fail. Math is there for you to fail and not to succeed. But for what do we need math? Trigonometry, algebra, etc. when has anyone ever used that, and for what. No one would say “let us take a picture of a rectangular house and find the area of it, or cut it up into triangles and find the different angles and bearings.” Did…[show more]
Essay2.517 Words / ~8 pages Ruhr-Universität Bochum - RUB Ruhr-Universi­tät Bochum Englisches Seminar Essay on John Keats’s “To Autumn” “To Autumn” was written in 1819 by the Romantic poet John Keats who is known as the “poet of ‘aesthetic experience’” (Byron 6) due to the form and structure as well as the imagery and figurative language of his poems. He is considered to be the “forerunner of the art for art’s sake movement” (ibid.), i.e. art including poetry has no moral or political meaning as it just needs to be aesthetically pleasing. The poem itself is regarded as one of the “most ‘perfect’ and ‘flawless’” (ibid. 54) poems in Romantic poetry and is part of Keats’s ode sequence (Strachan 173).1 Keats’s odes are composed of three ten-line stanzas and are written in iambic pentameter. Each Stanza combines a Shakespearean quatrain, arranged in a cross rhyme (abab), with a Petrarchan sestet,…[show more]
Essay691 Words / ~ pages Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg - HAW English 27/09-09 Obesity in the UK Dear ladies and gentlemen. First of all I would like to thank you all for coming here tonight. It will be a pleasure to make a speech to you. I will start this speech with an outline of the situation in the United Kingdom, and then put forward some ideas and argumentation­s for how to stop this increase of obesity. It is important to keep an eye on obesity because it is such an intimidating topic. A new report on obesity in the United Kingdom has led the government to call the problem as big as global warming. If action is not taken, more than half of the British people will be obese. If the development continues unimpeded it will lead to obesity on 60 percent of the British men, 50 percent of the women and every fourth British child in 2050, in such a big extent that their health will be threatened. Researchers have…[show more]
Essay660 Words / ~ pages Gymnasium Frankfurt am Main The Ku-Klux-Klan After the end of the American Civil War Abraham Lincoln, the president at the time, ordered all the slaves released. After the victory of the northern states the fiat became obligatory and about four million blacks were manumitted from their brutal lifelong imprisonment and finally were US citizens. Thus, they were conceded all the rights like their fellow beings. However the Southern States depended on inexpensive workers and tried to tighten the special laws, the so-called «Black Codes» to reintroduce the slavery unofficially. Nevertheless the Republicans were successfully able to prevent the enforcement of the «Black Codes» in the Southern States and passed the «slave-friend­ly» civil rights laws of 1866. The «Black Codes» were invalidated with finality after their opponents carried the election…[show more]
Essay394 Words / ~1 page Universität Hambug To Kill A Mockingbird: Racism Racism has been a problem in the USA for a long time. Statistics prove that most of the convicts in the USA are black. Coincidence or purposeful action? The topic “racism“ is one of many themes present in the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird“ by Harper Lee. Tom Robinson, a the black man is wrongly accused of raping Mayella Ewell and he is defended by a white laywer which provikes riot in the narrow-minded society of Maycomb. There are several examples of characters in the novel who discriminate against the black community by expressing their superiority over African-Ameri­cans. An example is Atticus´ sister Alexandra who expresses her distaste for the black community in various ways. For instance, Alexandra refuses to let Atticus’ children visit Calpurnia’s home because it would be inappropriate for white…[show more]
Essay631 Words / ~ pages College New Zealand Title: My sister’s keeper Author: Jodi Picoult Text type: Fiction novel Personal response: I felt really angry when Anna only 13 felt the need to file a law suit towards her parents for the rights to her own body. Obviously she did this because her own parents were to busy looking after her sick sister to listen to Anna. Anna definitely loved her sister Kate who had leukemia in her blood cells but Anna was born in a test tube and made to match her sisters cells, so her parents could use her umbilical cord blood to help her sister. This would have been okay because Anna was only a newborn but a few months later they needed more blood and eventually Anna was taken into hospital numerous times for countless surgeries, transfusions and shots just to help her sister Kate live a little longer. Her mother even said “let’s go get an ice-cream Anna” and…[show more]
Essay1.576 Words / ~6 pages Leibniz Gymnasium Östringen 6 Mrs. Leppke AP English, Period 5 13 February 2014 Freedom Riders “We are prepared to die,” says James Zwerg after a horrible attack from the Ku Klux Klan. He is one of the brave Freedom Riders who risk their life to change the world (“Freedom Rides” 4). Schutzer’s photo “Freedom Riders” shows two Freedom Riders traveling South to test the Boynton decision whereby they caused the Civil Rights Movement. On the left side of Paul Schutzers black-and-whi­te picture you can see Julia Aaron and David Dennis. They are sitting in an interstate bus to implement the Freedom Ride. Both of the Riders in the photo are black. Above them there is baggage. On the left side of the picture, you can see two white National Guardsmen. David Dennis is looking at one of them. They are wearing their uniform, and they are holding their guns in their hands. It looks…[show more]
Essay796 Words / ~2 pages Leibniz-Gymnasium Berlin The driverless car of your dreams Google made it happen When I was young I was always the last kid to be picked up from school. I couldnt blame my parents though, they had work to do. When I turned sixteen I wanted to have a car so badly, but I was only a teenager and I couldnt even afford my own drivers license. Even if I could have, what for? A drivers license without a car? Besides if you think about the petrol prices these days. horrific. And the global warming I would contribute to. However, what if I told you that there was a car that would reduce greenhouse emissions and thus is environmental friendly. A car for which you wont need a drivers license anymore. A car that you could sit in, text and talk on the phone safely. A car the disabled can drive with. A car that would drop you off somewhere and come pick you up again any time you desire. It is Googles…[show more]
Essay602 Words / ~ pages Berlin Brandenburg International School Kleinmachnow The poem “Six O’Clock News” which was written by Tom Leonard is about a man that pretends to be a BBC newscaster who has a scottish identity. He did this to show the english how mean they are regarding the english rule that no scottish man is allowed to be a newscaster. Therefore the aim of the poet is to show the bigotry of the English people. In the next paragraphs I will be following the “Exploding a Poem” guidelines. The Author talks to the english, trying to make them clear about their bigotry and inconsequent actions, this is proved by words like, “wia voice like wanna yo scruff” (1). The Poet imitates a BBC Newscaster using his own Scottish accent, breaking the rule of the english that no scottish man is allowed to be a newscaster. The poet does not reflect about himself rather he tries to prove the english even more wrong, furthermore…[show more]
Essay936 Words / ~2 pages Abendgymnasium Köln Is Google dumbing us down? 453/14 At the beginning of this Essay I will first list some information about google so that it is easier for me to judge upon this and build an own opinion. So, google is the worlds largest web search engine. When you start writing something into google it starts suggesting you the most searched terms. But Google has many functions like a calculator or a spell check. In my opinion the question is really hard to answer. I think that there is always more then just one point of view. To start with the fact that google is suggesting you things while typing in, shows me how lazy and spoilt we are that we do not even need write a word or a sentence till the end. From my personal viewpoint I feel like people lose their will of learning something and the excitement of finding out anything that they did not know before. I mean if…[show more]
Essay466 Words / ~1 page Berufskolleg Heilbronn How important is the CCTV? „Surveillance­, whether by camera, phone or Internet, makes the world a safer place. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.“ How important is the CCTV nowadays? Is that good for our security or bad because of our private life? With the CCTV you can find solutions for many problems and at the same time control the people at the bus station, on the streets, in shopping centres and in any other public places you can imagine. So the CCTV has an huge power with these control abilities. But is this good that the CCTV can control the humans all the time? Based on three different materials the questions and the importance about the CCTV are going to be answered. The first materials is an picture with two persons. A boy aged six to ten is sitting on Santa Clause, who is talking with the child. On the background of…[show more]
Essay610 Words / ~ pages Angell Freiburg The Independent Receiver of memory: a dishonor? The Independent Receiver of memory: a dishonor? A day of confusion, surprise and expectations: year twelve boy gets assignment of the “Receiver of Memory”. Ten years ago, the committee of elders made a decision that they would soon regret: they chose a Receiver of Memory which soon failed. When this disaster happened, Jonas, a boy without fear was just a toddler. Now he must accept an assignment that will change his life forever. Thursday, 14th July 3012 It was the day when the ceremony of twelve will take place. And a day like no other for Jonas. This could either mean total relief or a complete mess-up. Unfortunately it turned out to be the latter. First, everything was fine. Jonas took his seat on chair 19, because every child in our “great” community has a number, as it’s well known.…[show more]
Essay967 Words / ~ pages Landfermann - Gymnasium Duisburg Rags – to – Riches – and – back – to – Rags Capital 1. My life! India in the 60s. I grew up in a typical Indian family from the slums. We are poor just like most families from India. My name is Jamil. Life was never easy for me. From the age of seven, I was forced to collect old bottles, wires or other junk from the surrounding junkyards to support my family with some extra pennies. When I became nine years old I started work at a shoe factory. I was therefore always used to a life with just enough money to prevent my family and I from starving. Still, I must say that I did indeed have a very pleasant childhood. My parents were happily married, my brothers and I were always cared for. This included taking us to the doctors when necessary. Certainly, not because we had the money but due to the fact that my father was friends with the local doctor, Patel, since…[show more]
Essay860 Words / ~2 pages Gymnasium London Essay about the nature in “La belle dame sans merci” by John Keat and “The Tyger” by William Blake. My Essay is about the nature in “La belle dame sans merci” by John Keat and “The tyger” by William Blake. “La belle dame sans merci” is written in the form of a traditional folk ballad. Keats uses the so-called ballad stanza, a quatrain in alternating iambic tetrameter and trimeter lines. The shortening of the fourth line in each stanza of Keats poem makes the stanza seem a self-containe­d unit, that gives the ballad a deliberate and slow movement “The Tyger” by William Blake is a lyric poem.” The Tyger” has six quatrains and “la belle dame sans merci” has twelve quatrains. So with the repetition of “Tyger Tyger, burning bright, in the forests of the night: What immortal hand or eye, dare thy fearful symmetry?” William Blake wants to show the…[show more]
Essay465 Words / ~ pages Schottengymnasium Wien Opinion Essay Brave New World As I’ve read the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, I started thinking about how the author might have made a applicable prediction regarding this society’s future. In my opinion, none of the forecasts in this book have already occurred nor are they close to coming true. We may live in a world which is cruel and ruled by money and the internet, but humanity still hasnt left this society, despite atrocious wars and dreadful terror attacks. No matter how hard I try, I simply can’t image a world, where one will never want to be a mother or father freely. The idea of breeding babies and psychological­ly manipulate them, so they already have an identity assigned and absolutely no choice of „finding themselves“ seems downright ridiculous to me. No loving parent, nor, more or less happy, child would want to imagine…[show more]
Essay414 Words / ~1 page Montessori Oberstufenrealgymnasium Salzburg - MORG The real Green Mile Homo homini lupus. This quotation applys to both offenders who are imprisoned and sentenced to death because of their crimes and people who want to keep capital punishment and protect it. Also the UN-Charta of human rigths guarantees everyone the right to life. Therefore capital punishment should be prohibted in every state and country. One argument often used by institutions and people supporting death penalty is deterrence. Firstly, it is immoral and gruesome to use the equal way to deter offenders from committing murder. This is a method introduced before the birth of Christ by Babylonian king Hammurabi. Secondly, the argument is wrong, as official crimerates show. The rate of murder is constant or even increasing in states applying capital punishment, such as Texas, Alabama or Florida. Intrestingly…[show more]
Essay486 Words / ~ pages Akademisches Gymnasium Linz How can we protect our environment? Our environment is the most precious thing we have on earth. It is our duty to save the environment and not destroy it! Our future generation has also the right to live on a save and beautiful planet. To my mind each country should make way more strict laws about airpolluting, which is caused by all the companies and industries arround the world. Because of the emmissions, the greenhouse effect increases more and more every day. If we are not doing anything against it perhaps the pols will be melted, to the year 2100. Due to this many cities and areas will be floated. Such as Venice Amsterdam and Los Angeles. How can we protect us and how can we protect the earth? For example with those laws for the companies which are blowing hugh amounts of carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases in the air. We could also…[show more]
Essay830 Words / ~ pages Bad Vilbel ´´of Mice and Men´´ in the Book:´´ of Mice and Men ´´from1989 written by John Steinbeck there is curlers wife wich plays a big role by the workers and Curley. she is a good looking woman wich makes her extended for the other guy´s on the Farm. in my eyes Curleys wife is left alone from her man Curley and curley never supports her foror gives hear strength. Curley´s wife is described as a troubled, young womanwith full rugged lips and wide spaced eyes.(heavily made up) She didn’t told her name she’s just known as Curley´s wife wich shows that her personality is quite damaged. The first thing that Curley wife said was im looking for Curleywich was pretty awkward and then she leaned against the doorframe to show her body off. Then she said ´´you’re the new fellas that just come, aint ya? Then she asked some questions to get the new known. I think…[show more]
Essay840 Words / ~ pages FUZHOU First high school, China What cause procrastinati­on and how to avoid it? As procrastinati­on is so normal in people’s life, I want to know what cause it. The definition of procrastinati­on is “tendency to put off or completely avoid an activity under one’s control” (Tuckman,1991­, p. 474). It seems strange that people choose to delay things that they have ability to do. At first, I simply own procrastinati­on to laziness. After learning psychology, I know the process that I analyze the cause of procrastinati­on is illogical. This is because the study of psychology should be scientific and empirical. I just simply connect laziness with procrastinati­on for some presentation of them are similar. Judging from presentation make me overlook many important underlay differences. In addition, diverse factors may lead to similar presentation. The result I get…[show more]
Essay1.354 Words / ~7 pages FUZHOU First high school, China Should commercial surrogacy be banned in India? Commercial surrogacy refers to a contractual relationship where a surrogate provides gestational services and money will be paid to the surrogate or her agency as compensation (Drabiak, Wegner, Fredland, & Helft, 2007). With the increasing concern about eliminating exploitation and promoting gender equality, legalization of commercial surrogacy causes considerable arguments worldwide. The reasons why Indian commercial surrogacy market receives many attentions are its large scope and surrogates’ poor financial conditions. Indian commercial surrogacy market is estimated to create up to 2 billion dollars profits every year (Vincent & Aftandilian, 2013). Moreover, most Indian surrogates are in poor financial circumstances and it may lead scholars to consider…[show more]
Essay646 Words / ~ pages BAfEP, Wien Report Children with special needs Introduction The aim of this report is to show the facilities for children with special needs. Children at nursery school usually have learnt to dress and undress and feed themselves because these skills are age-appropria­te for them. However, some children may have suffered being neglected or experienced social isolation. These children have difficulties despite support. It is the task of the nursery teacher to find out whether these children may be showing a level of developmental delay. The developmental milestone chart can help to find out whether we are expecting too much and make sure that the child’s foundation skills are in place. Furthermore, our job is to help and to support both, parents as well as children. Austrian childcare providers – findings All children, including children…[show more]
Essay1.379 Words / ~3 pages Hildebrand Gymnasium Stendal Task: To be a student at school today is a full-time job like any other. Discuss! First of all, I would like to point out that school would not do justice to its function if being a student was not a full-time job. Society sees the time young people spend at school as a time of preparation. It helps them for life and teaches them skills for their future. Good grades guarantee the transition to a grammar school, opens the doors to universities and are later on the key for a good occupation. With reference to this, students do not get paid for their hard work at school. Moreover, pupils have to pay for books and study material. In some countries parents have to disburse a certain amount of money for their children to actually be allowed to go to school and to receive education. Secondly, students have to work a lot. They need to study for lots of different…[show more]
Essay1.954 Words / ~7 pages Ruhr-Universität Bochum - RUB The Evil Twin? How Self and Other are represented in James Bond Skyfall considering James Bond and Silva In this essay I want to explain how Self and Other are represented by two of the main characters of James Bonds Skyfall, James Bond himself and Raoul Silva. Silva will be presented as the enemy other, for he is the villain in this Bond movie. While doing so I like to draw attention on Silva as the evil twin, and in how far he really is this twin, considering topics like outward appearance, values and national identity. In general one can say that villains are often represented very stereotypical in James Bond movies. They often differ through physical grotesqueness­, through their nationality or race and also in their behaviour. According to Hall stereotyping reduces, essentializes­, naturalizes and fixes difference.(H­all, 258)…[show more]
Essay335 Words / ~1 page HTL Mödling to: youth@magazin­e.com from: emailsubject: your article about ways of beating stress Dear Sirs, I am writing to comment on the article in your magazine last week about “the top ways of beating stress”. I definitely agree on most actions you have mentioned in your text to reduce stress levels, but I want to add one very important point, I think, and give my personal opinion. I completely share the idea of music helping to deal with stress. Whenever I am stressed and need to get a clear mind fast, I turn on some music and relax for some minutes. Music really helps me to keep focused and calm trough out the day. Furthermore I think that the other points like talking to friends or family are a good way to cope with stress levels. It is a great option if you have somebody you can trust on. Sometimes it is really helpful to hear someone else’s mindset…[show more]
Essay615 Words / ~ pages Feudenheim- Gymnasium Mannheim, Mannheim “How not to be alone“ by Jonathan Safran Foer – Comment: Our society in 25 years “Technology celebrates connectedness­, but encourages retreat.“ In his text „How not to be alone“ published in the “New York Times“ on june 8 in 2013, Jonathan Safran Foer criticizes the impact of modern-day technology on our society. He describes how the digitalisatio­n is the major factor of a huge communication problem in our modern world, mainly achieved through the increasing loss of empathy and humanity and caused by “disminished substitutes“ that we call our cell phones and computers. Foer raises awareness of what our future society will possibly be looking like - a cold, narcissistic world without access to old values such as charity, empathy and cordiality. But how should we imagine our society in 25 years? Is it the gloomy, dark coexistence…[show more]

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