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I welcome you to my report about drugs.

First of all, I would like to explain what drugs are. I’m sure that some of you will be amazed.

Drugs are divided into two groups: legal drugs and illegal drugs

To the group of legal drugs belong nicotine, alcohol and caffeine.
Yes, you heard right, caffeine that is in coffee belongs to the group of drugs.

The illegal drugs include heroin, cocaine, cannabis as well as chemical drugs such as crack, ecstasy or LSD.

Drugs have been consumed for centuries. In the past, however, they were only taken for medical reasons, for religious events or for certain festivities. In the last two hundred years, drugs have been consumed more and more for pleasure. Drugs change our reality, our feelings and our way of thinking.One thing all drugs, legal and illegal, have in common: regularly consumed they lead to addiction.

But just because some drugs are legal it does not mean that they are safe. Quite the opposite: Some dangerous drugs are legal. Nicotine is consumed by almost one third of the German population. The most simple way to consume nicotine is to smoke cigarettes. Smoking can cause lung cancer.

More than 110.000 smokers died in Germany of this disease last year. The second legal drug is alcohol. Consuming alcohol can reach from the glass of wine or beer for pleasure up to excessive drinking for displacement of problems or depressions. Nearly 90.000 people died from the consequences of alcohol in Germany in 2015.

Caffeine is consumed by almost the entire human race. Caffeine is in coffee, tea but also in so called coca drinks such as Coca Cola. This drug keeps us awake and improves our attention. Too much caffeine can cause heart diseases.

For comparison:
About 200.000 people died of the consequences of legal drugs in Germany in 2015 - 1.226 people died of consuming illegal drugs in the same year.

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Maybe an answer for an upcoming question
why do we have legal drugs?“:
The tax income for the german state on legal drugs such as cigarettes, alcohol and coffee was around 22 billion euros in 2015.

2. Reasons for taking drugs.

When we talk about drugs we usually mean the group of illegal drugs:
Heroine, cocaine, LSD, speed or crack.
These drugs are much more expensive than alcohol or cigarettes, make you immediate „high“ and bear the danger of fast addiction
Researchers on addiction have different theories how and why people are starting consuming drugs:

The "Pleasure" theory.

People take drugs, because they like the effect of the drugs. They feel better without knowing „why“.

The "Curiosity" theory. In this theory, drugs are taken out of curiosity. You want to find out how drugs expand your consciousness

The "Fashion" theory.

The "Because-It-Is-Offered" theory.

People do something just because they get the opportunity. They don’t think about the consequences; they simply consume drugs because they were offered.

The „Pressure“ theory

People with a week personality start taking drugs when they are under pressure - in their jobs, when they have family problems or want to rebel against their parents.

All illegal drugs are sold by dealers. Dealers are criminals who are trying to bring particularly young people to drug consumption. Thats why you find these dealers often in discos, clubs, private parties or even at schools. Often they offer the drugs in the beginning for free.

3. How drug dependence affects.

Regular drug consumption damages the organs very fast and makes the person dependent. Drugs that are injected can often pass infections or diseases like AIDS when the same needle is used by different people. This happens often because drug addicts lose their self control.

Heroin addicts were responsible for the most of the 1.226 drug-related deaths in Germany last year.

Family and friends.
A drug addict is often moody and unpredictable. His relationship with family members and friends breaks down. He is not interested in hobbies or sport activities anymore and starts joining groups of like-minded people.

School or work.

It is difficult for drug addicts to concentrate at school or perform properly at work. Often school breaks or job losses are the result. The social consequences are fatal. Many drug addicts live on the streets because they can no longer afford paying their rents.

Crime. A drug addict has only one thing in mind: the procurement of drugs. He will do everything to get money to pay for drugs. Girls may turn to prostitution, boys to mugging or shoplifting. They might as well steal money or goods from friends or family members. A lot of them start dealing with drugs by themselves, a vicious circle.

"Live fast, die young!" The legendary saying is mainly associated with the hippie period. For some actors or music groups this motto still seems to apply. The singer Amy Winehouse ruined her body with alcohol and heroine and died at only 27 years.

But dying young is not cool at all.

The best protection against drugs is attention. For example: Never take a drink or an open bottle on a party that someone, you do not know, offers you. You will never know whats inside. Many dangerous chemical drugs are circulating in the form of colorful pills. They look cute and harmless but can be deadly.

Avoid places or leave them if you feel that drugs are in play. This isn’t uncool.

Don’t forget: Drug dealers are only nice to you until you are dependent. They are interested in your money and don’t care how you make it.

Definition Drugs

Legal drugs: nikotin, alcohol, caffein.
Illegal drugs: heroine, cannabis, cocaine, crack, speed, LSD - just to name a few.

Some data about drugs in Germany 2015

200.000 deaths caused by legal drugs
1.226 deaths caused be illegal drugs
Tax income for the German state on legal drugs: 22 billion euros.


- caffeine - stimulating ingredient in coffee
- consciousness - awareness of your existence, thoughts, surroundings etc
- researcher on addiction - a scientist who tries to find out what leads to addiction - addicted - if you need so badly you can’t live without it
- unpredictable - not to be foreseen
- moody - not being in a good mood
- like-minded - s.b. with the same interest
- procurement - the planning and buying of something (for example goods)
- vicious - devilish
- death penalty - capital punishment where a person is killed by the state

- be aware of colorful, harmless looking pills - they are chemical and might be deadly

- never accept drinks or open bottles from persons you don’t know (for example on parties or in discos)

- leave places when you think that drugs are in play

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