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ILS Institut für Lernsysteme - Fernhochschule Hamburg Einsendeaufgabe ELI12-XX1-K03

Assignment5.015 Words / ~13 pages Einsendeaufga­be zu ELI12 1. Please read the information about Arthur Miller’s life and main works in 1.3.2 once more. Study the following synopsis of his three-act play “All My Sons” (1947) and the text excerpt carefully. It is the end of Act III. (EP 87– 90). Then answer the following questions: UNDERSTANDING DRAMA ARTHUR MILLER, “All My Sons” Question 1: Give a short summary of the text excerpt. The presented excerpt stems from the end of the third act of Arthur Miller’s three-act play “All My Sons”, which premiered in 1947. The passage begins with Chris explaining to his mother, Kate, that he will leave their town and their family for good, suggesting that he will find work in Cleveland. He then turns to his fiancée, Ann, and admits that he finally realises his father’s fault in the deaths of the twenty-one pilots and would have turned…[show more]
Assignment1.248 Words / ~2 pages Einsendeaufga­be ELI12-XX1-K03 The drama “All my sons” is written by Arthur Miller in 1947 and deals with a man named Joe Keller who is a manufacturer for air plane parts. One day, he delivers a faulty charge to the government during World War II and many pilots die in consequence. At first he is not prepared to regard himself as guilty but that changes when he figures out that one of his sons has committed suicide because of his misdoings. The drama is starting with Chris’ announcement that he wants to go away to Cleveland, because he cant stand his father any more. Although Ann, his girlfriend, wants to accompany Chris, he refuses because he is afraid that Ann will eventually confront him with questions about his father. Then the father, named Joe, appears and wants to talk to his son. However, Chris does not want to talk and they ended up…[show more]

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