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Drug user and drug related deaths in Austria

Statistics about drug user; Information about drugs

1)The number of drug user in Austria increases year for year.  I found on the Internet some relevant statistics about the drug user and the drug-related deaths in Austria.

This statistic about drug-related deaths in Europe compares the different countries and how much people died because of drugs. Austria is with 22.4 deaths per million inhabitants in the middle part of this statistic. Estonia is with 99.2 deaths per million inhabitants on the top of this statistic.

The statistic on the right hand is about the drug related deaths in Austria and how this number increased in 10 years.  In 2001 139 people died because of drugs. This number increased to 197 in 2006. The number of it fell down in the following 3 years.

This statistic is about drug user in Austria and how the number of them increased from 1999 to 2007. In these 8 years the number of drug users nearly doubled.

2) I found on an anonym blog a story about an ex-drug user who wanted to share his feelings and experiences about taking Ecstasy:

His life has never been the same anymore ever since taking that first hit of
ecstasy. He thought nothing of that drug as he gladly accepted to give it a try at his first rave. He did it just because
everyone else was doing it. He bought a cap of ecstasy from some random dealer that he found at that party and popped it. Peer pressure made him do it and he was happy that he popped

it and totally forgot about it . when
45 minutes later .
the drug took control over his entire brain. He could not stop dancing all night and had the
most amazing time of his entire life, experiencing a variety of different feelings and emotions. After the party was over and the pill's "magic" was gone, he was really tired and had no energy left.

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Drug user and drug related deaths in Austria - Statistics about drug user; Information about drugs
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He realized that something was missing from his last few party experiences and then remembered why he felt so great at his first party -
it was the ecstasy that he took. He was mentally addicted to ecstasy.
He started wanting that drug again in order to experience the “good times” again (FIRST REAL sign of addiction).
Finally the glorious moment came – a massive party was due that night.

He came prepared this time… he actually bought a cap ahead of time, because he was planning on doing it. As midnight strikes, he pops the cap and then an hour later the incredible feeling repeats itself again all through the night as the first time that he took E, but 3 hours later it starts to wear down on him.

However, he finds another random dealer right at that party and buys another cap and pops it as he’s coming down from his first one (second real sign of addiction).

He got high again and rolled pretty hard for another 2 hours and when he came down again he felt bad because the “thrill” was over again.
Feeling sad and depressed for a few days after he realized that he is addicted to the incredible sensation that ecstasy gives him and started planning other future events at which he could take E (third and final real sign of addiction).
That is how he got caught in the trap of the ecstasy trend, first thinking that it is nothing major and that he

Read more:

3) The government in Austria tries to reduce the number of drug user and drug-related dies in Austria.

The government established a law to reduce these numbers. With more detox centers and more clarity about the side effects of drugs, especially in schools.

4) Detox center:

There are lots of detox centers in Austria and most of them are anonym. These detox centers are helping people to get rid of different addictions, especially drugs. They have to do a therapy and stay at this detox center until their addiction has gone.

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