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Important women of the 1950s Simone de Beauvoir - French Simone de Beauvoir was a French philosopher and social theorist. She wrote very popular travel diaries about the US and China, published essays especially in the 1950s and 1960s. She was a feminist who decided not to marry or have any children which favoured her academic career. Her most influential work for the feminist society was The Second Sex. In the midest of an abstract discussion it is vexing to hear a man say: ‛You think thus and so because you are a woman’ ; but I know my only defense is to reply: ‛ I think thus and so because it’s true,’ thereby removing my subjective self from the argument. It would be out of question to reply: ‛And you think the contrary because you are a man,‛for it is understood that the fact of being a man is no peculiarity. ( Women, the family and freedome, Vol. II, p. 422 ) To explain the social situation between men and women she calls men “The One” and women “The Other” which already points out quite well the harsh border between the two sexes. She compares women with strangers and foreign people, furthermore she compares their situation with the ones of social groups: to are “lower class” for the priviliged. But she indicates that the above mentioned examples were minorities, women are no minority. According to her there are “as many women as men on earth”. (p. 424)


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