Summary of "Boot Camp" by Morton Rhue. Inhaltsangaben und Zusammenfassungen zum Buch Boot Camp.

Abstract1.587 Words / ~6 pages Hermann-Billung-Gymnasium, Celle The critic about Boot Camp by Morton Rhue Chapters Summary. 1 Characters 1 Main subjects 5 Director 5 Good, bad pages and also good and bad comments 6 Style of writing. 6 Summary The book “Boot Camp”, written by Morton Rhue ,is about the Boot Camps in the USA. Connor, the son of rich parents ,is sent to one of these Boot Camps: It is called “Lake Harmony”. There he learns that every kind of humanity can be lost with the help of hurting by physical methods or material methods. But he is not the only one ,who wants to come away from Lake Harmony ,there are other two children: Sarah and Pauly. With them he flees until the frontier of Canada .At the frontier Connor sacrifices himself for the rescue of the other two. So he is brought back to Lake Harmony. He has lost his hope for freedom and so he is lost :He becomes a brainwashed child. At the end Connor’s parents “save” him, but he is so brainwashed that he thinks the reason why he was sent to Lake Harmony is that he was a bad son and deserves everything . Characters There are some main characters, I will describe now. 1st Connor Durrell Connor is a very intelligent child ,so he feels in someways superiors. When he starts a relationship with his ten years older math teacher, his parents send him to Lake Harmony. There he proves that he is more than intelligent : He is brave ,good and courageous.…[show more]
Abstract2.333 Words / ~8 pages IGS Busecker Tal; Buseck Summary of the Book Boot Camp The index The cover picture­ page 1 The author­ page 2 The summary­ page 3-5 An excerpt­ p­age 6 Characterizat­ion­ page 7 My own opinion­ page 8 The summary A 16 years old boy, call Connor Durrell, must leave his home. Rebecca and Harry, two transporter of a Boot Camp which calls Lake Harmony, kidnap Connor. He must wear handcuffs. They are bound for a long time and the hands of Connor get numb. About 4 am. they arrive a building which looks like a prison. He can use the bathroom. A man goes with him in a windowless room with a bed and two chairs. The man looks like a troll. He must stand for a while. Then a thin man come into the room and says he must strip or he must stand there for another 24 hours. He strips. The man gives him a green polo shirt, a blue jeans and green flip-flops. The troll and the thin man leave while he put on his new uniform. One of the men says he can try to sleep. Connor is scared that he must stay in the “prison”. At the next morning he must stand up. A man with a black polo shirt twists his arm because Connor won’t get up. The man goes with him to the office of the direction. The director calls Mr. Z. He tells Connor that his rich parents pay much…[show more]
Abstract545 Words / ~1 page HAK Eisenerz Boot Camp Zusammenfassu­ng Lake Harmony ist eine Schule für schwererziehb­are Jugendliche, wo Kinder so umgepolt werden wie ihre Eltern das möchten. Connor ist ein 16 jähriger, sehr intelligenter­, großer und sportlicher Teenager, der von seinen Eltern in ein Boot Camp geschickt wird weil er ein Verhältnis zu seiner zehn Jahre älteren Mathematikleh­rerin Sabrina hat. Noch am selben Tag wird Connor von Harry und Rebecca, den selbstgenannt­en Transporteure­n, abgeholt und nach Lake Harmony verfrachtet. Dort angekommen muss er zu Mr. Z den Direktor des Hauses. Er weist Connor daraufhin, dass er nicht rauskommt, wenn er ihnen etwas vorspielt, er kommt nur raus wenn er so ist, wie sie ihn haben wollen. Nach vielen Untersuchunge­n und Demütigungen wird Connor zwei Tage später seiner Familie „Würde“ zugewiesen. Seine Eltern bezahlen pro Monat 4000$ für den Aufenthalt des Jungen. In Lake Harmony gibt es bestimmte Stufen, welche man erreichen muss um entlassen zu werden. Connor befindet sich auf Stufe 1, das bedeutet er darf ohne Aufforderung nicht reden oder sich bewegen. Insgesamt gibt es sechs Stufen, um auf die nächste Stufe zu gelangen muss er die Regeln des Camps befolgen ode..…[show more]
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